Flight Tag

Buy a flight tag. Support a Veteran. Donate to Continue Mission.

Here at Blade HQ we care about our Veterans, so we made these flight tags. Then you all bought them like rabid animals! Thank you. We sold all 300 tags in under 2 hours! We're stoked to donate all $1500 to Continue Mission. If you'd still like to donate, please donate directly to Continue Mission.

Continue Mission

Here’s the deal: Continue Mission is a non-profit in Utah that helps Veterans ease into civilian life by providing recreational activities, camaraderie, and supporting those with Post Traumatic Stress. They’re also heavily involved in mental health awareness and suicide prevention. And the kicker? They use 96% of donations for Veterans’ programs, meaning only 4% is used to pay employees.

That’s impressive and noteworthy.

100% all the flight tags purchased goes straight to Continue Mission and the Veterans that gave their minds, health and youth in defending our country. (Blade HQ isn’t keeping any of it… just rallying our amazing customers.) Thank you.

And more importantly, thank you to the brave folks that put on the uniform and serve our country. Visit Continue Mission to learn more about the program.

Continue Mission

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