Aegis Solutions EDCi Every Day Corrosion Inhibitor 1 oz. Bottle

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  • Brand:Aegis Solutions
  • Model:EDCi
  • Country of Origin:USA
  • Product Type:Lubricant


The axiom "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" certainly has application to your knives. Aegis Solutions Knifecare provide a number of products to help you take care of your fine knives.

EDCi Every Day Corrosion inhibitor is a spray on, rub in, and wipe off solution that is specifically designed to protect your knife using corrosion inhibitors. It coats your knife in a water-repelling layer that makes cleaning your knife simple and enjoyable. Made in the USA.

This kit includes a 1 oz. spray bottle.


Customer Reviews

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Great stuff
Steven H.
Wife uses on the kitchen knives. A fine product.
must own
zachary h.
I live in Mississippi And it can get pretty humid in the summer time, on top of that I work in a stock room during the day, needless to say my knives get rust spots all the time. I tried wd40 on some 3 in one oil on other's, I even tried some vegetable oil but nothing worked. Then I saw cutlerylovers video on this stuff and thought I'd try it out. After spraying a little on each side of one of my most problematic knives and rubbing it in a little with a microfiber cloth, I went to work. Fast forward about three weeks and not a speck of rust on my blade or any of them that I used this on. GOOOOOO and try this now it really really works.