Exotac fireROD Fire Starter Ferro Rod w/ Storage Capsule (Gunmetal)

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Exotac fireROD Fire Starter Ferro Rod w/ Storage Capsule (Gunmetal)
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Item #BHQ-13139


  • Brand:Exotac
  • Color:Gray
  • Model:Fire Rod
  • Country of Origin:USA
  • Product Type:Firestarter


The fireROD is Exotac's version of the Habilis Evolution Fire Tool. This is an excellent fire starter that has the added convenience of a small storage capsule handle design. The capsule has a threaded, o-ring sealed cap that is perfect for storing petroleum jelly coated cotton, etc. The capsule is roughly 7/8" deep and 3/8" in diameter by our measurements. The fireROD ferrocerium rod is replaceable.

Length: 3.70"
Diameter: 0.55"
Weight: 1.09 oz.
Color: Gunmetal


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Joshua N.
Holy molten metal! With a good striker this thing throws globs of hot sparks! I use the saw spine from my leatherman multi-tool. The only con might be that the ferro rod is soft and quite a bit of material is removed when creating huge sparks but for me it's not an issue. It's worth the giant super hot blobs of metal that dance around! Oh and the capsule WILL fit a whole cotton ball with a little finesse. Excellent.