Smokeeater908 Boss Alcohol Stove - Survival Camping

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  • Brand:Miscellaneous
  • Model:Smokeeater 908
  • Country of Origin:USA
  • Material:Stainless Steel
  • Color:Gray
  • Weight:5.40 oz.
  • Product Type:Camp Stove


The Smokeeater908 Boss Stove is a unique lightweight aluminum alcohol stove.

The Boss Stove is made from 2" aluminum. Vents mimicking a heat sink are cut into the stove body to reduce weight. This stove uses denatured alcohol as fuel. A 4x18 wire pot stand makes this kit complete. The Boss Stove comes with pot stand, silicone fuel line, 4oz fuel bottle, nipple cap and instructions.

Each stove is handcrafted from 6061 Aluminum, and is small enough to stow away in a pocket.

Product Details:

  • Stove: 1.50" x 1.80"
  • Stove Weight: 1.80 oz.
  • Pot Stand: approx. 2.00" x 3.00"
  • Pot Stand Weight: 0.40 oz.
  • Fuel Bottle: 5.00" x 1.65"
  • Fuel Bottle Weight (empty): 0.60 oz.
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