Zero Tolerance 0562CF Hinderer Knife Carbon Fiber (3.5" Satin) ZT CTS-204P

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  • Overall Length:8.25"
  • Blade Length:3.50"
  • Blade Thickness:0.16"
  • Blade Material:CTS-204P
  • Blade Style:Drop Point
  • Blade Grind:Flat
  • Finish:Satin
  • Edge Type:Plain
  • Handle Length:4.75"
  • Handle Thickness:0.48"
  • Handle Material:Carbon Fiber
  • Color:Black
  • Frame/Liner:Titanium
  • Weight:5.45 oz.
  • User:Right Hand, Left Hand
  • Pocket Clip:Tip-Up
  • Knife Type:Manual
  • Opener:Flipper, Thumb Stud
  • Lock Type:Frame Lock
  • Brand:Zero Tolerance
  • Model:0562
  • Model Number:0562CF, ZT0562CF, ZT562CF
  • Designer:Rick Hinderer
  • Country of Origin:USA
  • Best Use:Everyday Carry
  • Product Type:Knife


The cousin of the 0562 model, this ZT features the same Rick Hinderer special "slicer" grind, but on a CTS-204P steel blade. A carbon fiber front scale reduces the weight so it rides in your pocket comfortably and adds a handsome touch. Like its cousin, this knife opens with a flipper and the ultra-smooth KVT ball-bearing opening system. To ensure secure use, it is built with a titanium frame lock with hardened steel lockbar insert and a lockbar stabilizer. The unique pocket clip is reversible and enables extra-deep carry.


Customer Reviews

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Awesome Flipper!
Steve S.
This my first ZT and I have to say it's a really nice piece, as already noted by almost everyone else here. First time handling the knife in person was at SHOT Show and I was really impressed by the fit, finish, and super smooth flipping action. So I went home and immediately ordered one.

When I received my knife from BHQ, I was surprised to find it was nearly impossible to open! It required a ridiculous amount of effort to overcome the initial detent pressure with the flipper. A call to BHQ customer service put everything right and I returned the knife in exchange for another copy of the same knife. This new one works perfectly and I'm very pleased with this purchase. I will definitely buy from BHQ again.
Best EDC
kyle e.
I have tons of high end folders/flippers, microtechs, Brous, Spyderco, and quite a few more and this one has been my go to for some time now. I can't say enough good things about it. Perfect size, weight, deep carry, and just has the look I love. It came razor sharp and holds its edge wonderfully. Great ergos, the thing is just awesome. Well worth the price... Actually, I feel it is underpriced. If I lost it I would absolutely have to get another and I would even have to get one if it was double the price. If you are on the fence about it just pull the trigger, you won't be disappointed.
My favorite EDC
Timothy G.
This knife just belongs in your pocket or hand. The end.
I'd give it 6 stars if I could.
Ryan B.
This is my first ZT and I think I chose wisely. The build quality is excellent, materials are excellent, features are excellent, ergonomics are excellent, the action is excellent. The weight is on par with any other quality 3.5" frame lock flipper. I added blue titanium hardware and sharpened it up on my edge pro using Chosera stones and that CTS-204p blade really came to life. My only criticisms are that it wasn't very sharp out of the box and the pocket clip has some side to side flex but I do like the design of the "Super Duper Ultra Deep" pocket clip. Hahahah! Blade HQ continues to impress me with their very fast & excellent service. Whenever I'm looking to buy a knife I always pray Blade HQ has it in stock!!
Scott A.
It really is. Probably the perfect knife for someone looking to get into higher end knives for the first time and not wanting something that looks huge or too intimidating. It's no louse though. This version has a mean edge out of the box and holds it for a very long time. The flipping action is buttery smooth and lock up is solid. For many, this is the perfect pocket knife and it's easy to see why once you get your hands on it.
I love this knife!
Jay T.
First time buying a knife.
After following some online forums I decided to buy this ZT 0562cf.
I'm very happy I got it.
I love the carbon fiber and titanium. The knife feels very light in my pocket.
The pocket clip is perfect, the knife sits deep in my pocket and only the pocket clip is visible.
Opening and closing is smooth. (it was a bit tight at first, needs to be broken in)
The blade comes very sharp from the factory.
The blade was perfectly centered and I could find no other faults with the knife.

Thank you ZT, thank you BladeHQ.
One of the best flippers to date!
Daniel F.
I love this knife! By far my favorite EDC knife to date. The ZT 0561 was just a tad too big for me. This is perfect! Feels great in hand, disappears in the pocket, looks awesome, has one of the best steels available, perfect detent! I mean I honestly have a hard time finding a con with this knife! If you're on the fence buy this thing it will not disappoint! Great job ZT!
An all time Favorite
Sebastian Y.
Best flipper action I've ever felt on a manual folder, combined with A super steel, carbon fiber, and beautiful Hardware. It feels like every aspect of this knife was looked at and nothing left lacking. The lock side has something about it that really catches my eye. The Milling on the titanium is great the steel lock bar insert is great. The Lockup couldn't be better. This knife is an all around win.
The Best ZT So Far
Dwayne S.
In my opinion, this ZT562CF is the best ZT so far. It has perfect flipping action and detent. The blade comes flying out like a rocket. And this blade is made from a great steel that is razor sharp. This knife has a great sound to it when it is deployed, and when the blade is closed. Almost the same sound a Sebenza makes when it is opened and closed. This by far is the best ZT, and at this price it is worth grabbing two of them. You won't go wrong buying this awesome blade.
Super high quality knife.
James W.
Where to start..... This thing just oozes of super hulk like quality. Everything seems perfect. You already know the specs, its ZT, it's made with very high quality materials. The steel, the frame, the CF scale is sweet. The blade has a BEAUTIFUL satin finish with some gorgeous "machining marks" that give it such a nice look. Not really something you can see from pictures unless you see one really high def and close up.

The blade came fairly sharp. Definitely sharp enough to slice paper, but I would not say as sharp as some of my Spyderco's came. It may just be the different grind on the blade compared to my Spyderco's which caused it to not "feel" as sharp. It is not an issue though like I said it did come sharp, and most people buying this knife will be able to sharpen it up to their liking.

As for build quality and fit, etc.... I'd score it 100/100 if possible. This is the strongest/most solid folder I've ever held. When the blade is open there just is no play what so ever, not even any teeny tiny amount of micro play. NOTHING! Even my Paramilitary 2 which is extremely solid and sturdy as a tiny tiny amount of micro play when I really really look for it. I can fix that by tightening the pivot until there is none, but then the blade doesn't drop free which is how I prefer my PM2.

Anyways back to this ZT, as I was saying it is just freaking solid. When you have a folder like this and it is so damn strong and solid with the blade open it really instills confidence. I absolutely would take this knife with me in a survival situation as a back up to a couple good fixed blades. I have no doubt this thing can take an insane amount of use and abuse.

The deployment, locking, and closing are all top notch as well. The flipper works perfectly matched with the ball bearing system ZT has incorporated into some of their higher end knives. It is a very smooth action, and extremely fun to open to be honest.... you get a very satisfying "thwack" when it locks open. Lockup is super strong, the Ti frame lock lock bar does its job just fine. Lock bar makes contact with more then enough of the blade and doesn't get stuck or jammed, so closing it with one hand is always very easy. Even with that said, I see no signs of the lock bar failing with stress on the knife. I'm not about to start beating up my $240 knife doing spine whack tests just yet so I'll leave that to you. I have plenty of confidence in the lock though.

Not much else to say, I'm not one to go into super detail with these. I was super pleased with the knife and I feel like it was definitely worth the money. I'm looking forward to see how well the CTS 204p performs, everything I've heard about it is great.

If you're looking for an extremely tough, well built folder that you can without a doubt rely on as an EDC or a back up blade in a survival/outdoor environment then this should certainly be a blade you consider.