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Best Cold Steel Knives

Cold Steel knives are built to be ready for anything – anytime, anywhere. Founded by Mr. Lynn Thompson, Cold Steel knives are known for their rugged designs and undeniable strength. From tactical fixed blade knives to burley folding swords, read on to see our list of Best Cold Steel Knives! Shop Cold Steel Knives Cold... Read More
Squid Industries Triton Review

Squid Industries Triton Review

With lots more downtime, we’ve been seeing tons of people learning to flip a balisong. While balisongs aren’t legal everywhere some great alternatives have presented themselves and we’re especially excited about the Squid Industries Triton Balisong Trainer. In this review we take a close look at the Triton, how it’s constructed and what makes it such a great option for anyone looking to get into flipping. Let’s get to it!... Read More

Best Buck Knives

Very few knives are as iconic as Buck knives. Their traditional construction and design have stood the test of time making them some of the longest running knives in production. Whether you love traditional knives, prefer knives that are built to last, or live to hunt, there’s bound to be a Buck for you. Check... Read More