Benchmade 32 Morpho Bali-Song

Looking for a great butterfly knife? Few make anything better than the Benchmade 32 Balisong series. The Benchmade 32 Morpho features a patented liner-sprung latch that opens with a squeeze, yet locks open as well. Solid, machined slab construction is built on jeweled ti-liners (skeletonized G-10 handles). Heat-treated kicker pins keep things rockin’ hard and fast. Others may get all the press, but Benchmade still owns the glory when it comes to Balisong Knives and the 32 proves it. Again.

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Benchmade 32 Mini-Morpho Balisong Butterfly Knife (3.25" Satin)

Our Price: $238.00
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St Clair Designs Carbon Fiber Pocket Clip for Benchmade 51 & 32 Balisong Knife

Our Price: $30.00
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