About Us

Blade HQ is a knife store of ledgendary proportions. The “HQ” in Blade HQ is for “Headquarters,” and we take this “HQ” stuff very seriously. We love knives and we’re ultra-passionate about selling blades to fellow knife enthusiasts. With physical locations in both Utah and Virginia, we are an ever-growing online retailer of all things pointy, with a brick and mortar store presence too.

We specialize in High Quality (see that? HQ as in "high quality"!) knives from the biggest and best knife brands in the industry and have an impressive selection of folding pocket knives, military and law enforcement knives, butterfly knives, automatic knives, and traditional cutlery– if's it's a knife, odds are we carry it.

We Eat, Sleep and Breathe Knives

In fact, our goal is to be the most legendary knife retailer in the Universe. Lofty, but we’re committed. We’re the type of people that can’t get knives out of our system. We look for pocket clips in public and start up conversations with random strangers about what knife they’re carrying and why. Our desks are littered with the lastest Blade magazines and knife manufacturer pamphlets. Do Blade HQ employees dream of electric knives? Yes.

We are always working to improve our speed and service. Our fantastic associates in Utah and Virginia pick products, box... boxes, and orchestrate order shipments. We take your phone calls, chat with you on the website, and reply to your emails. We care so much that we’ll even draw a picture on your box for you!

Check out this awesome shop tour video to see more about how Blade HQ does business:


Once upon a time in twenty-oh-three (that’s 2003) there was a young gentleman who was absolutely obsessed with knives. Inexplicably he couldn’t find a company that provided the selection and service that he wanted. Armed with a small loan, a dream, and an overabundance of confidence, BladeHQ was officially launched in March of 2003. Over the years Blade HQ has added partners, acquired technology and business adjacent assets, and grown exponentially, but we’re still fueled by the same product passion and commitment to excellence as our founder. We’re proud to be the premier knife retailer on the internet. Don’t believe us? Read our reviews on Google and Blade Forums.

Why Shop Blade HQ? Here's Why:

  • Blade HQ has been in the knife business for twenty years. We’re uncontestably established, and in that twenty-year timeframe we’ve entrenched ourselves within the knife industry in ways that our competition simply can’t.
  • Counterfeits are a genuine concern when you buy online. With decades of established vendor and manufacturer relationships you can be certain you are getting an authentic product when you buy from Blade HQ.
  • Blade HQ is larger than people might imagine. With over one hundred employees our customers get the benefit of unrivalled attention focused on the knife industry’s product innovations, design trends, and upcoming projects. Our size affords us unmatched buying power and passion directed toward both our product purchasing and exclusive product development. We direct endless energy into ensuring our social media efforts, our YouTube channel, our photography, our website experience and our customer service programs are second to none.
  • With well over 100,000 square feet of warehouse space distributed across the USA, Blade HQ’s infrastructure is unrivaled within the knife industry. This means unparalleled in-stock inventory, peerless buying power, and the most intense games of warehouse hockey with broadswords anywhere on earth.
  • Blade HQ is 100% committed to customer satisfaction and offers industry leading no-hassle returns. Our customer service representatives are the most knowledgeable, most helpful, and most friendly people anywhere on earth (based on an internal poll). We are constantly improving our shopping experience and have some very exciting changes for 2023 (both some that have arrived and more that are coming)!
  • Blade HQ recently launched The Blade Club! The Blade Club is a loyalty program that rewards members with points (redeemable for purchase credit) and other valuable perks every time you place an order. Sign up is fast and free.
  • Of course, we’re not perfect. We have absolutely made mistakes. If we have let you down, we’re truly sorry. We are perpetually improving our workflow, speed, security and customer interactions. When all is said and done, we want our customers to ask, “Why would I shop anywhere else for a knife?”
  • And did we mention Love? We love you (yes, you).
  • Customer Service

    Our customer service team is top-notch. They know their stuff and they’ll take care of you. Call us for knife advice, help with orders, or coordinating your knife with your outfit.

    For directions to our store and an email form, visit our Contact Us page.

    Which knives do Blade HQ employees carry?

    Everyone at Blade HQ carries a knife, or we fire them. Not really, but some of our employees have an insatiable knife addiction. Here are a couple photos of the knives we carry around the shop:

    Kershaw Skyline Benchmade 51 Balisong Knife ZT 0220 Knife Spyderco Squeak Knife DireWare Custom Knives Spyderco Delica 4

    Knife Store in Virginia

    If you’re ever passing through Virginia, stop on by our storefront! We have over 13,000 knives on-site and we’d love to help you find your next EDC.

    Our Store Address:
    Blade HQ
    166 Adwolfe Rd
    Marion, VA 24354

    Store Hours:
    10am-7pm, Tuesday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Saturday

    Community Partners

    Lehi Police Department: We’ve worked with our local police department in the past to support a K-9 Fundraiser to get a new duty dog.

    Continue Mission: These folks are stellar. Continue Mission is a non-profit that’s dedicated to inspiring and empowering veterans. They do outdoor programs and get veterans busy. They’re dedicated to raising mental health awareness and they’ve taken an active role in suicide prevention. The best part? 96% of all donations go directly to the program. We like these guys and we’re honored to help with their mission of “No Veteran Left Behind.” If you'd like to see what we've done for Continue Mission this year, take a look here!

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