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Basic Knife Care

Proper maintenance and care of your knife will ensure longer sharpness of the blade and overall life of your knife.

  1. Keep your knife and its blade dry. The blade and the metal parts of the knife can rust.

  2. Keep the knife pivot lubricated with a dry lubricant. We recommend Tuf-Glide Dry Lubricant.

    • With the knife closed: place a drop of dry lubricant on either sides of the pivot.
    • Open the blade: apply a thin bead of the lubricant along both sides of the knife along the pivot.
    • Work the lubricant into the pivot by opening and closing the knife.
    •   Knife pivot view  
  3. Keep your handle lint free. Use canned air or Remmington's Rem Oil to remove any lint found in-between the two scales.

  4. Keep your blade's edge sharp.
    A dull knife is an useless knife. A dull knife is more dangerous than a properly sharpened knife.   We recommend these sharpeners:

  5. Make sure the screws on your knife are tight. Check them often (more or less depending on use) and tighten when needed; or try Vibra-Tite VC-3 Threadmate to minimize adjustments made to your knife.