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Written by Blade HQ Staff Writer Andrew Hamilton on 6/5/2019

Benchmade Bugout OD Green

When the Benchmade Bugout dropped in early 2017, itís no exaggeration to say it took the world by storm. In a world where every ounce matters, the Bugout fits somewhere between a snack size bag of chips and a 2-pack of Twinkies from your local 7-11 at less than 2 oz.

Need a little bit more information about the Benchmade Bugout? Donít worry! This article is the fun and playful yet thorough deep dive youíve been waiting for.

First let's run through the stats...

  • 7.46Ē Overall Length
  • 3.24Ē Blade Length
  • Drop Point Blade
  • CPM-S30V Steel
  • Polymer Handle
  • 1.85 oz. Weight
  • AXIS Lock
  • Manual Action
  • Made in USA
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Benchmade Bugout Knife Life

Knife Life is all about representing your personality and passion through the knife you carry in your pocket everyday. Quality and performance are key. Tasteful design and ritzy details are also important. You can be confident carrying any knife with a high Knife Life Score. Each section is scored out of 10 with a grand total of 100.


Score: 10/10

Benchmade Bugout Importance

So just how unique and important is the Bugout? Itís kind of a difficult question to answer. The Bugout makes hay as a refined, mid-sized EDC folder at an impossibly petite weight. Fundamentally, the Benchmade Bugout isnít doing anything newĖat all.

What canít be denied is the impact of the Bugout on the knife community. Since its release, the Bugout has absolutely made its presence known. On internet forums and in chats amongst friends, the Bugout has joined the Griptilian and Paramilitary series as perhaps the ĎEasiest to Recommendí knife for new knife guys.

Want something lightweight? Do they make it in ĎBlade HQ Blueí? Good steel? Good warranty? Easy to carry? I really prefer OD GreenÖ I need a knife with a strong aftermarket mod community. The Bugout has got you covered!


Score: 10/10

Benchmade Bugout Fit and Finish

People on the forums love to trash Benchmade. From centering and action, to blade grind, and beyond, weíve all heard it.

Iím here to smash that sentiment. Before doing this review, I looked at 50+ individual knives. Overall, the consistently and level of finish was at an extremely high standard comparable to any of the top 15 brands sold at Blade HQ.

Grinds are even. Centering is dead-on. Part fitment is excellent. Itís time to stop the group think. Considering the amazing warranty, Benchmade offers an incredible value for quality.


Score: 10/10

Benchmade Bugout Lockup

Axis Lock knives are basically cheating in this category. When testing deployment and lockup, I try to open and close a knife 30 times as quickly as I possibly can. Speed is important, but I also make note of if a knife ever fails to lock up. One cycle of opening and closing per second is easy to achieve with the Benchmade Bugout. That type of performance can only be matched by the Compression Lock on Spyderco knives.


Score: 10/10

Benchmade Bugout Style

When it comes to simple, function-forward design, the Bugout isnít going to disappoint. The 3.24Ē drop point blade perfectly complements the dimensions of the handle for a near one to one blade/handle ratio. Available in Ranger Green or (what we call) Blade HQ Blue, the Bugout looks (and feels) like a purpose-built tool.


Score: 10/10

Benchmade Bugout Ease of Carry

There was never any doubt how the Bugout would score on carryability. The mini deep carry clip is perfection in jeans, athletic shorts, and beyond. Slim and just 1.95 oz., youíll never even notice the Bugout in your pocket. The Bugout excels as an EDC folder, but it also makes for a perfect car or emergency bag carry.


Score: 8/10

Benchmade Bugout Blade and Sharpening

I love the drop point blade on the Bugout all the way from aesthetics to functionality. Utilitarian through and through, this knife is ready for action from the workshop to the campsite and beyond. I would have loved to see a slightly more premium steel here, but weíll discuss that at greater length down the line.


Score: 8/10

Benchmade Bugout Materials

Carrying the Bugout, I was frequently surprised at how much knife you really get for such a small price. Polymer handle scales. S30V blade steel. Whatís so special? Like a ragtag baseball team or a really good movie with a great director and cast, the Bugout is truly greater than the sum of its parts.

The real reason for such a high score in this category, is the budding mod community for the Benchmade Bugout. Companies like Flytanium are producing incredible aftermarket scales and hardware to dial in your personal preferences.

Pro Tip: Go buy Bugout scales from Flytanium in both titanium and carbon fiber.


Score: 7/10

Benchmade Bugout Ergonomics

Overall, I really like the ergonomics on the Benchmade Bugout. I love how my fingers fall into the grip of the handle. The handle is extremely slim and there are no rough edges in need of refining.

The negatives arenít deal breakers, but I find the polymer handle to be a little slick. Iíd be a little bit nervous whipping this knife out in the middle of a trout stream. Additionally, I find the pocket clip to dig into my hand a little bit. Over prolonged use in wet conditions, I think it could create a nasty hot spot.


Score: 6/10

Benchmade Bugout Cut Test

Iíve been singing praises of the Bugout this whole review, but hereís where the real criticism begins.

For such a lightweight knife, I would expect the Bugout to be much better at slicing. Precision work at the tip feels clunky and the whole package feels too petite for hard use. The Bugout is great for EDC tasks like breaking down cardboard, opening mail, and utility cutting. I just wish they gave us a thinner grind and more premium steel.


Score: 4/10

Benchmade Bugout Knife Pocket Jewelry

The Bugout is a really great knife, but pocket jewelry it ainít. The Benchmade Bugout is pure 100% utilitarian practicality, and there wasnít any room to pack on the flash. The fidget factor and aftermarket options bumped up the score a little bit, but this knife isnít trying to be a looker.


Benchmade Bugout Total Score

It's no secret Benchmade crafts some of the finest EDC knives available today. Check out our video below with Ben, Zac, and the infamous Hans as they analyze the best Benchmade EDC knives money can buy!

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Benchmade Bugout vs. 940 vs. Mini Griptilian Knives

The Bugout is, without a doubt, a fresh look for Benchmade. How does it stack up to the classics like the 940 and Griptilian? Very well! The Bugout is smaller than the full size Griptilian and 940, but larger than the Mini Griptilian. The Bugout is extremely lightweight and slim, which makes it the easiest to carry of the bunch, in my opinion. All four knives have a different feel and design, along with pros and cons. The Bugout's downfall is the less sturdy design at the sacrifice of weight. That said, it's more than capable of handling any everyday task you throw at it.

Benchmade Bugout Flytanium Titanium Scales

Like I mentioned above, with the rise in popularity of the Bugout, companies like Flytanium have caught on. You can now get scales in titanium, brass, copper, and carbon fiber! The downside to the Bugout to many people is the slightly flexible polymer handles. Flytanium has found a fix for this. The carbon fiber scales are beloved because they don't add much weight and do add a lot of strength to the knife.


Benchmade Bugout Conclusion

Going into my testing of the Bugout, I was honestly lacking excitement. A budget-friendly EDC knife from Benchmade? Iíve seen that before. I thought flexible scales and run of the mill steel would ruin the experience for me.

The truth is, this knife is incredible. Sitting stock, the Benchmade Bugout is an absolute home run. A future revamp with upgraded blade steel and titanium scales from Flytanium would put this knife in rare air.

So, what are you waiting for? I bet all your friends already own one. Join the cool kids club and get yourself a Bugout!

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