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best automatic switchblade knives

Written by Blade HQ Staff Writer Andrew Hamilton on 1/16/19

Best Automatic Switchblade Knives

There's nothing like a dialed automatic knife. To make this list, these switchblades have to hit like a freight train and the quality has to be on point, too. We've compiled this list with the best auto knives from Kershaw, Boker, Benchmade, and more that are sure to tickle your fancy.

After we break down the specs and details of each knife, I’ll drop in a review from a smart and savvy customer.

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1. Kershaw Launch 4 Auto: $82

Kershaw Launch 4 Automatic Knife

The Kershaw Launch 4 may be diminutive, but it packs a big punch. It is a member of the famous Kershaw Launch Series and features a minimalist design and sleek aluminum handle scales. This knife is the perfect auto for your EDC rotation or bugout bag and is even California-legal. You won’t regret picking up this little guy.

  • 1.90" Cali Legal CPM-154 Drop Point Blade
  • 6061-T6 Aluminum Handle Scales
  • 1.98 oz. Weight
  • Made in USA
Kershaw Launch 4 Average Star Review

Rodney R. says…

"Exceeds my expectations. Of the many knives I have bought from Blade HQ, this one caught my eye. I just got it today, and it has already exceeded my expectations. While it is more expensive than my Shrade and Boker knives (which I love and use constantly), it is feather light, tight, has a fast action, and it is beautifully designed. In a word, the Launch 4 is elegant"

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2. Buck 110 Automatic: $150

Buck 110 Automatic Knife

For around 40 years, if a man needed to clean a fish, open an envelope, or slice an apple, the Buck 110 was the ultimate and most discerning choice. Buck did the world a real solid by releasing the 110 Automatic. There’s no better modern classic than this Idaho-made stunner.

  • 3.75" 420HC Clip Point Blade
  • Ebony Dymondwood Handle Scales
  • 7.10 oz. Weight
  • Made in USA
Buck 110 Auto Average Star Review

Jacob E. says…

“Like many people, I have a long history with the Buck 110 as I was gifted a well-used one by a relative when I was around 12. My taste in knives has moved on to more modern designs since then, but I am so glad that I picked this auto version up. I love the classic aesthetic with the modern mechanism. And the best part is, it is still a Buck 110 through and through. Overall great knife.”

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3. Boker Kalashnikov Automatic: $40

Boker Kalashnikov Auto Knife

The Boker Kalashnikov kicks like a stallion and its dependability is off the charts. You might be tempted to treat this affordable, bargain-basement switchblade like a beater, but this thing has got the feel and ergos of an automatic knife at least five times more expensive.

Check out our Boker Kalashnikov Review for a deep dive into this knife!

  • 3.25" AUS-8 Dagger Point Blade
  • Aluminum Handle Scales
  • 3.70 oz. Weight
  • Made in Taiwan
Boker Kalashnikov Auto Average Star Review

Mark G. says…

"This is another in a long line of autos I own and have owned, and it's hard to believe the quality of this knife for the price. Really hard to believe... Every aspect of this piece is spot on. The opening action is very strong, the lockup is solid as can be, and the edge does super fine paper ribbons right outta the box. I will indeed pick up a few more of these both for myself and probably as gifts. Grab at least one. You cannot go wrong and will not regret it.”

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4. Protech Magic BR-1 "Whiskers" Automatic: $200

Protech Magic BR-1 Automatic Knife

The Protech Magic Whiskers BR-1 switchblade knife hides a little secret. This knife isn’t a button deployment like most automatic knives. Instead, you slide the bolster over to fire the blade. If you want to impress all your friends or just need that new ultra unique piece for your collection, look no further than the Whiskers!

  • 3.125" 154CM Drop Point Blade
  • Aluminum Handle Scales
  • 3.10 oz. Weight
  • Made in USA
Protech Magic BR-1 Average Star Review

Jeb I. says…

"Hits hard and locks up tight. It sits deep in the pocket and is light but feels great in the hand. Super sharp to boot. This was my first Protech and it won't be my last.”

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5. Gerber Covert Automatic: $135

Gerber Covert Automatic Knife

When Rex Applegate designed the Gerber Covert automatic knife, he executed a tactical switchblade design that approaches perfection. With every option available, countless soldiers have chosen this automatic knife as their blade of choice when it comes time to deploy. Premium S30V blade steel and a made in USA construction make this knife highly compelling at a very reasonable price point.

  • 3.78" CPM-S30V Spear Point Blade
  • Aluminum Handle Scales
  • 3.80 oz. Weight
  • Made in USA
Gerber Covert Auto Average Star Review

Ron C. says…

“I wholeheartedly agree with the other reviews. Great affordable made in the USA auto by Gerber! Can't beat the price for this value. Razor sharp, smooth opening, and sturdy. Plus the convenience of the safety. Thanks Blade HQ.”

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6. Benchmade 4400 Casbah Automatic: $162

Benchmade 4400 Casbah Auto Knife

A ‘Best Knives’ list is basically heretical if it doesn’t include at least one Benchmade. Honestly, there were a bunch of awesome switchblade automatics to choose from… You could go with the CLA, Stimulus, AFO II, or the Presidio II and it’s really only down to personal taste. The 4400 Casbah is a lightweight automatic all-star with its solid build and hefty, utilitarian blade.

  • 3.40" CPM-S30V Drop Point Blade
  • Grivory Handle Scales
  • 3.43 oz. Weight
  • Made in USA
Benchmade 4400 Casbah Average Star Review

Shawn H. says…

“Worth the money. As always, Benchmade doesn't disappoint. The action is snappy, the Grivory handles are lightweight and grippy, the safety is tactile and clicky, and the deep carry pocket clip keeps it tucked nicely in a front pocket. Checks all the boxes for me.”

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7. Boker Plus Strike Automatic: $40

Boker Plus Strike Auto Knife

If you like the Kalashnikov but prefer your switchblades with a little more belly and a safety slide, this Boker Plus Strike is an incredible option. Textured aluminum handle scales and a prominent finger choil keep your digits locked in place. Dollar for dollar, these Boker Strike automatic knives punch way above their weight.

  • 3.25" AUS-8 Tanto Point Blade
  • Aluminum Handle Scales
  • 4.70 oz. Weight
  • Made in Taiwan
Boker Plus Strike Average Star Review

Benito R. says…

“Superb quality. I was very pleased when my Boker arrived and it surprised me when I pressed the fire button. This was my first Boker auto and the speed at which the blade moved convinced me that it won't be my last. I'm glad I got one before it sold out this last time."

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Automatic Knives Overview

automatic knives overview

With so many amazing manual knives on the market today, it can be easy to overlook automatic switchblade knives. In situations that require wearing gloves, do you really want to be fiddling around with that thumb stud or flipper tab? I didn't think so. Any knife lover can find the utility they need with our best automatic knives picks above. Buy with confidence. These knives are primed and ready to put in work.

Don't delay. The time is now. We've got some epic deals on all the automatic knives that fill your dreams every night. Make it happen, unbox your new EDC, and then email me a picture and a few words about what went into your decision (AHamilton at We'll feature submissions on our Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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Whether it's the snappy sound, tactical use, or collectible appeal, automatic knives are great for countless reasons. If you went through each knife above and are yearning for more switchblade action, check out our Knife Banter video below. We highlight many more autos that are loved far and wide in the knife industry.

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Click the knife of your choosing below to see the specs.

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*Customer reviews may be condensed for clarity and edited for grammatical errors. You know we have to make our high school English teacher proud. Check product listings for current pricing.