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Best Zero Tolerance Knives

Written by Blade HQ Staff Writer Logan Rainey on 12/27/2019

Best Zero Tolerance Knives

Zero Tolerance (or ZT) knives are known for making some of the highest quality knives on the market. ZT has a passion for knives and a commitment to excellence. They have elevated the standard for quality knives within the industry. These high-performance knives are a great addition to any everyday carry rotation or collection.

Check out our top 7 ZT knives below and read a review from one of our beloved customers after each break down.

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1. Hinderer 0566

ZT 0566

A more compact version of the popular ZT 0560, the 0566 is an amazing all-around knife for everyday carry. This knife’s slimmer design makes it easy to carry in pocket and gives it great feel in hand. The 0560 features a grippy G-10 handle scale and a frame lock mechanism that is easy to disengage with one hand. Its CPM-S35VN blade has amazing edge retention, strength and toughness.

  • 7.70” Overall Length
  • 3.25” Blade Length
  • CPM-S35VN Blade
  • Carbon Fiber & Titanium Handle
  • Frame Lock
ZT 0566 Average Star Review

Michael M. says...

"This knife awesome you can't go wrong with it. It has a fast smooth action, great lock-up and a great clip. Great investment blade. Continue to be impressed by ZT Blades, I hope you enjoy yours as much as I enjoy mine."

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2. Sinkevich 0450

ZT 0450

The ZT 0450 is a compact version of the 0454. This lightweight folder is designed to be the perfect everyday carry knife. It features super smooth KVT ball-bearing washers and beautiful titanium construction. The CPM-S35VN blade is razor sharp out of the box and ready for whatever you throw at it. This Dmitry Sinkevich designed knife is has the looks, the materials and the workmanship that give ZT knives its incredible reputation. Check out our review of the knife to see if it really is the perfect everyday carry.

  • 7.375” Overall Length
  • 3.25” Blade Length
  • CPM-S35VN Blade
  • Carbon Fiber & Titanium Handle
  • Frame Lock
ZT 0450 Average Star Review

Han L. says...

"This blade fires every single time. The closing action is also smooth like butter. Construction is solid just like every ZT. The blade stays dead centered even after substantial use. This is my work horse. When I'm not certain about the situation I'm getting into on that day, I always put this knife in my pocket. The only improvement for me would be an OEM deep-carry clip."

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3. Sinkevich 0452

ZT 0452

Like its smaller sibling the 0450, the 0452 is a slimmed down version of the ZT 0454. The Zero Tolerance 0452 is a great mid-sized folding knife for everyday carry. This knife features a buttery smooth action thanks to KVT ball-bearing washers and an ergonomic flipper tab. Its drop point CPM-S35VN blade makes it great for slicing and other simple tasks. The 0452 features a rock-solid titanium frame lock with a hardened stainless-steel lock bar insert. 0452 comes standard with a convenient deep-carry pocket clip and a carbon fiber handle scale.

  • 9.27” Overall Length
  • 4.10" Blade Length
  • CPM-S35VN Blade
  • Carbon Fiber & Titanium Handle
  • Frame Lock
ZT 0452 Average Star Review

Darryl S. says...

"I love this knife! I like a bigger knife and this one feels great! My wife also likes it and has recently been using it as her EDC. Knife came super sharp and keeps a good edge."

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4. 0350TS

ZT 0350TS

Take on anything with the ZT 0350TS. This beefy knife is built to handle the roughest, toughest situations. It features an ergonomic G-10 handle for optimum grip when it matters most. A tiger stripe tungsten blade coating gives the knife added hardness and cutting performance. 0350 has an insanely fast action thanks to SpeedSafe assisted opening technology. If you are looking for a well-rounded performance folder, this is an amazing choice.

  • 7.625” Overall Length
  • 3.75” Blade Length
  • CPM-S30V Blade
  • G-10 Stainless Steel Handle
  • Liner Lock
ZT 0350TS Average Star Review

Levi C. says...

"This thing is a tank! I feel like you could tear down a tree with this thing. Grippy G10 scales and the blade coating is awesome. Assisted opener works every time and is very strong."

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5. Emerson 0640

Emerson 0640 Knife

The Ernest Emerson designed ZT 0640 could quite possibly be one of the best looking knives for sale today. Its unique design features the right combination of sharp lines and premium materials. Green and black carbon fiber handle scales make this knife stand out in a sea of seemingly identical knives. This knife features a high-quality CPM-20CV blade built for heavy use and abuse. This knife opens smoothly thanks to phosphor bronze washers and a knurled thumb disk. A tip-up, reversible pocket clip helps this knife sit well in pocket and allows for either left or right-handed carry.

  • 8.50” Overall Length
  • 3.75” Blade Length
  • CPM-20CV Blade
  • Carbon Fiber & Titanium Handle
  • Frame Lock
ZT 0640 Average Star Review

Patrick K. says…

"It’s great to have a ZT framelock that’s not a flipper, and a Emerson design without a wave feature. The bronze washers are just as slick as bearings, and the steel lockbar insert won’t wear down like a standard Emerson Ti liner lock. Thumb disks aren’t my favorite, but the blade still deploys fast. Detent could be a little lighter though, being a non-flipper. All in all, this knife is surprisingly awesome, just buy it."

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6. Anso 0230

ZT Anso 0230 Knife

This year has been full of amazing designs from Jens Anso and we’re happy to say ZT gets to share the love! The ZT 0230 may come as a surprise to many considering ZT is well known for frame/liner lock folding knives. This unique knife is the first slip joint knife ZT has offered. Its carbon fiber construction keeps it light, while its CPM-20CV sheepsfoot blade makes it a great slicer. This knife is perfect for people who live in places where knife laws are especially a challenge.

  • 6.25” Overall Length
  • 2.625” Blade Length
  • CPM-20CV Blade
  • Carbon Fiber Handle
  • Slip Joint
ZT Anso 0230 Average Star Review

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7. Hinderer 0562

ZT 0562 knife

Rounding out our list of Best ZT knives is the ZT 0562. This sturdy slicer is a great companion for anyone who demands the best from their gear and expects it to perform no matter what. This knife is made with incredible attention to detail and workmanship. Its titanium construction makes it both strong and lightweight. Ultra-smooth KVT ball-bearing washers make opening this knife nearly addictive as it opens with authority every time. The 0562’s wide-profile drop point blade give it excellent cutting and slicing abilities. For a knife of this caliber, there’s not much that could make it any better; it’s just THAT good.

  • 8.25” Overall Length
  • 3.50” Blade Length
  • CPM-20CV Blade
  • Titanium Handle
  • Frame Lock
Hinderer 0562 Average Star Review

Perry B. says...

"This ZT is a beautiful example of ZT's philosophy of overbuilding knives. It feels strong in the hand, and the CPM-20CV blade is an absolute beast. The titanium makes it feel lighter than it looks, but this knife is solid and tough as you could hope for."

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Zero Tolerance knives are some of the best knives you can get. Consistent quality right out of the box that features some of the best, most durable materials available. ZT knives also have a recognizable style that set them apart from a wide array of other knives and brands. ZT’s commitment to excellence has made the brand what it is. Their knives are extremely well made and feature quality materials for the price.

Whether you’re a seasoned knife afficionado or a budding knife nut, a ZT knife (or a few) is a must. Check out our full selection!

While these are our top ZT recommendations, Blade HQ has plenty more than the ones featured here. Leave a review of your favorite ZT knife. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for all your knife updates.

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Still deciding on a ZT? For more information, check out our YouTube video where the guys break down the latest 2021 releases from ZT Knives.

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