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Blade HQ Editorial Guidelines for Product Reviews

Blade HQ sincerely appreciates your interest and help in creating unique and informed reviews for its product listings. Reviews help empower customers to make informed buying choices and help Blade HQ and manufacturers to identify possible product problems. All reviews, from elated to displeased, are welcomed on Blade HQ but we urge you read through our Editorial Guidelines carefully.

Tips to write a good review:

• Describe what you like or dislike about the product and why you like or dislike it.
• Try to be objective
• Try to create something others will consider “helpful.”
• Explain your qualifications – are you an avid outdoorsman? Let people know!
• Strive for professionalism – attempt to be clear, use proper grammar and punctuation and try to make your review as polished as possible.
• Keep it classy!
• The best reviews are typically between 50 and 400 words.

Blade HQ reserves the right to edit reviews for punctuation, capitalization, grammar and clarity. In some cases reviews may be disapproved if they are deemed “unsalvageable”.

Submissions that contain any of the following (as determined by Blade HQ) will not be permitted:

• Obscenity
• Profanity
• Personal attacks or accusations
• Illegal or immoral content
• Advertising
• Reviews of products that were not purchased from Blade HQ
• Creation of content for profit
• Personal information (i.e. phone numbers, addresses, etc.)
• Copyrighted material and / or plagiarized material
• Issues with the retailer (please address these to customer service)

Blade HQ reserves the right to edit or disapprove reviews that we deem irrelevant or that violate our Editorial Guidelines.

All reviews must pass through an approval process once they have been submitted. A customer may modify their review at any time, however, it must pass through the approval process again if changes are made. In rare cases, a submission may take up to 30 days to be made live.