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Here at Blade HQ, we offer thousands of fixed blade models for any occasion. Shop a huge selection of the best fixed blade Bowie knives, kitchen knives, tactical, and everything in between. Handy for hunting, camping, operating, Crocodile dundee-ing, or just a simple EDC, a good fixed blade knife can do it all.

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Fixed Blade Knives
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Fixed Blade Knives
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About Fixed Blade Knives

A Bit About Fixed Knives

Benefits of a Fixed Blade Knife:

  • Great for heavy duty work
  • Purpose built for hunting
  • Efficient companion for Camping
  • Reliable in tactical situations
  • Ability to say “That’s not a knife. This is a knife,” every time you unsheath it.

Ever since we graduated from sharp pointy sticks to sharp pointy rocks, man has been using fixed blade knives as a tool. Over time, the whole category has evolved to meet our varying needs. Aside from kitchen knives, hunting knives are probably the most diverse category of fixed blade knives due to the different demands one may encounter while field dressing an animal.

Compared to hunting knives, Bowie knives are a more recent addition to the fixed blade world, made famous by the iconic frontiersman, James Bowie. When purchasing a fixed blade, think about your needs and research which knife is going to fit them best. Chances are, if you can think of it, we have one in stock.

Which Fixed Blade Should I Buy?

The fixed blade you buy largely depends on what you're going to use it for. Do you need a huge machete that can take down jungle vines? A medium-sized camping knife? Or what about a fixed blade for EDC? For EDC, check out our Best Fixed Blade Knives video above.

Be sure to check out our Best Fixed Blades and How to Choose a Fixed Blade Knife articles for more fixed blade goodness.

Final Say and the Law

At the end of the day, the best feature of any fixed blade knife is simplicity. It may be purpose built, it may even have some features built in, but no other knife is as simple as a thick piece of steel with a sharpened edge and a sheath. In outdoor settings like hunting and camping, or high risk environments such as military or first responders, the simplicity and dependability of a fixed blade can’t be beat. Local laws vary from area to area when it comes to carrying a fixed blade knife, so be sure to check with your area before ordering.

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