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Below are a few links for your browsing enjoyment (or, depending on who you are, your browsing displeasure). If you want to swap link please send me an email and I'll be happy to trade with you if the link exchange will be beneficial. Your best choice and first stop for custom knives. Let us help you find the perfect custom knife! Website coming soon!

Bladeplay : This is our sister site, where you will find Italian Stilettos, Butterfly Knives, and Budget Automatic Knives. Bladeplay also has a nice selection of throwing knives, and self defense products for sale.

Survival Knives : Survival Knives for survival guys (and gals). Get your "Bear" on and find the survial knife of your dreams to protect you from your nightmares.

Club Blade : This was the home of our forums. Our goal was to bring together knife lovers from all walks of life. While the forums are now closed we have plans for this website in the future.

Emergency Matters : carries a selection of emergency preparedness products, survival and outdoor gear, and food storage necessities. Their goal is to make sure you've got what you need to make it through any situation. From an afternoon hike to an earthquake, they've got what you need.

Knife Rights : These guys work really hard to provide knife owners a voice to influence public policy and they oppose efforts to restrict the right to own, use and carry knives. If you are a knife enthusiast, consider joining knife rights today!

Watch Lime : Looking for watches? This is our favorite watch wesbite: Watch Lime. Be sure to check it out!

Knife Informer: A great resource for pocket knife information, education and reviews. Use their comprehensive pocket knife chart to compare specifications on all the top models.

The Edge Observer: Edge Observer produces studio-quality non-critical HD video overviews and critical written reviews of modern knives with a focus on folding knives.

Blade Blade Reviews provides fair, balanced, and comprehensive reviews that are clear and easy to digest.

Every Day Commentary: Everyday Commentary is run by a guy who has been carrying tools and gadgets since age 10, so he knows his stuff. This blog provides unbiased reviews for knives, flashlights, multi-tools, pens, packs, bags, and more.

Knife Thursday: Knife Thursday is a weekly knife appreciation website for knife knuts of all types. Knife makers, designers, Customizers, users and collectors. Sure, MAYBE some of us spend entirely too much time looking at knives on the internet. Thursday is the one day a week that we grant ourselves a little time to spend with our hobby completely guilt free.

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