Aroundsquare XL Knucklebone - Blue Delrin

This XL Knucklebone is made from smooth blue delrin, a lightweight and durable material that will resist dings and breakage.

Aroundsquare's Knucklebone is a simple skill toy knuckle roller that is manipulated with your fingers to perform tricks, or to simply pass the time. The Knucklebone is discreet and comes in handy where showier skill toys may not be appropriate. The Large and XL Knucklebone are designed for those with bigger than average hands, or for anyone that wants extra weight and momentum for tricks.

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  • Material: Delrin
  • Color: Blue
  • Length: 2.95"
  • Width: 0.98"
  • Weight: 0.71 oz.
  • Brand: Aroundsquare
  • Model: XL Knucklebone
  • Product Type: Skill Toy

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