BRS Barebones Balisong Butterfly Knife Aluminum Channel (4.5" SW)

  • Stonewashed live bayonet blade made from 154 CM steel.
  • Channel-constructed skeletonized aluminum handles.
  • Bushings for smooth flipping action.


The Barebones Butterfly Knife is a balisong from BRS, designed with performance in mind. This knife boasts aluminum channel construction for lightweight durability. The blade is made from 154 CM steel, which gives this knife excellent hardness and great edge retention. Upgrade your balisong game with the BRS Barebones Butterfly Knife!

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  • Overall Length: 9.875"
  • Blade Length: 4.50"
  • Cutting Edge: 4.25"
  • Blade Width: 0.65"
  • Blade Thickness: 0.11"
  • Blade Material: 154CM
  • Blade Style: Bayonet
  • Blade Grind: Flat
  • Finish: Stonewash
  • Edge Type: Plain
  • Handle Length: 5.625"
  • Handle Width: 1.35"
  • Handle Thickness: 0.50"
  • Handle Material: Aluminum
  • Color: Gray
  • Weight: 4.06 oz.
  • User: Right Hand, Left Hand
  • Knife Type: Butterfly
  • Pivot Type: Bushing
  • Brand: BRS
  • Model: Barebones
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Best Use: Recreation
  • Product Type: Knife

Customer Reviews

An Excellent Balisong
Gary Z. on Nov 27, 2019

Nicely balanced and well made. My only complaint is that with the finger guards on the blade tang being so minimal there's no jimping on the handles near the pivots to compensate in order to keep one's fingers from sliding onto the blade edge. I think this could be better thought-out for future versions. That being said, overall it's a terrific balisong.

heavy and long
Colin S. on Mar 23, 2019

To start off I want to mention that this balisong is not similar to any of BRS's other balisongs, its longer,heavier and does not have bushings. In my opinion this is a great balisong for flipping but it is not forgiving when you get cut. because unlike the other balisongs the BRS makes this bali is made of steel, this causes an extremely unpleasant cut. the bare bones will develop more play because it does not have any bushings. this does not mean its a bad bali its just not for everyone.

Bare bones in bare skin
Cade c. on Nov 25, 2018

The bare bones is super sharp and hurts really bad when doing ariels and combos but otherwise a good product from brs and it Doesn’t cut the shit out of your finger on the nipple

BRS Barebones 2.0
Benjamin L. on Nov 20, 2018

Amazing flipper, handles are perfect length and blade shape is awesome. Sort of a hybrid Tanto/Bowie shape that’s great for flipping. Everything about Barebones 2.0 deserves five-stars. Highly recommend experience, thanks to BRS and BladeHQ for making this possible.

Very nice
Mike G. on Nov 17, 2018

Just received the barebones V2,tuned up nice and swinging freely out of the box.Just a bit heavier than my Tachyon 3 but I like a heavier big knife.Every thing about it is great,no sharp edges.Fast delivery from BladeHQ,great service.

Tieler p. on Nov 15, 2018

My first serious balisong

This knife is beautiful in many ways.
Tyler S. on Nov 8, 2018

If you want a bali, and this knife is available, I highly recommend it or any brs knife really. The construction of this knife is very solid, and it feels nearly indestructible, I believe it is ideal for a beater or for heavy flipping. There is very little handle play, and the action is buttery smooth. It is hard to explain how smooth rollovers feel with this knife, but it's a huge improvement from many other knives. The latch is not a spring latch, but it is a bounce latch, and it is perfect on mine, never loose, never too tight. One thing that is important, however, is that this knife is extremely sharp. It will cut you up if you are not careful, and the tip is probably the sharpest tip of any blade I have ever encountered due to the tanto design. What would normally be a simple poke during an aerial will hurt and bleed a lot. Also, the design for the pin can cut you or at least rub against your skin, which can be fixed by filing. Absolutely wonderful knife.

Great knife smooth as butter
Christopher R. on Nov 5, 2018

Best Balisong at the price point, you won’t be disappointed.

Great Flipper
Steven K. on Jul 19, 2018

I saw mixed reviews for this knife, but I think that for what you are spending, it is great. It improves all the problems that the 1.0 had. Great for rollovers and aerials. The tanto is gorgeous, too. I did have some issues with the latch, but they get solved by being broken in. If you can find one, you should get it.

A balisong for the masses.
George E. on Feb 20, 2018

Rarely do you get the words 'affordable' and 'excellent quality' together to describe a balisong. It's usually either one or the other. It's close to an entry level price range but far from an entry level piece. Collect it, EDC it or flip it, you can't go wrong with the BRS Barebones 2.0

Buy this Bali!
Jason W. on Feb 13, 2018

Sharp as s#;+! Takes a beatin' pretty well. Handsome all to hell!!! Not a Tanto man but damn, that blade looks nice! Flips like a hooker on 2 for a dime day! USA MADE!

Grade A Flipper
Jarrett S. on Feb 1, 2018

This knife is unbeatable for the price. At $225 for a brand new balisong, there's not much that is going to top the functionality of the barebones 2.0. The weight distribution on this knife is nearly perfect, a big improvement from the V1. They also improved on the overall feel and smoothness of the knife by filing the nipple and rounding the edges of the handles. Worried about the knife being on washers? Don't be, this knife is very well constructed and has minimal play after a few weeks of flipping. The knife is slightly on the heavier side, but with the longer handles and the superb balance, the weight is nothing to worried about. These reviews speak for themselves folks, this is a great knife and the Tanto blade looks AMAZING!

Awesome flipper
Lucas C. on Jan 19, 2018

Even though this knife is a bit on the heavy side, you can't really tell since it's very well balanced. The 2.0 is a huge improvement over the 1.0 since it comes with a crowned speine and other fit and finish improvements.

Great balisong!
john b. on Jan 19, 2018

This knife is worth every cent. By far is my favorite to flip. Aside from a dogbite 3.1, this is the best quality knife you can get for $220.

Great Flipper
Michael P. on Jan 16, 2018

Best Flipper you can buy in the ~$200 Price range IMO. A lot of the issues I disliked with the original barebones are fixed. The nipple was filed down, the edge is beautifully crowned along the entire spine and the knife was lightened up...specs indicates only by 1/2 an ounce but feels like more than that in the hand. Blade is a lot thinner and narrower. Very evenly balanced. Never had a knife that fanned this easily. I really didn't care much at all for the original barebones--would give it a 3/5. It was just too painful to flip and too tiring as well.Too many sharp edges and the spine wreaked havoc with my knuckles. It also was very blade heavy and was just too heavy for the thin and narrow handles. It liked to twist a lot between my fingers. The new version fixed almost all of the issues. Its not a high-end knife in terms of fit or finish but in terms of function there really isn't anything close to it in this price range.

Great all around
Henry T. on Jan 8, 2018

There's a reason BRS is so popular. This knife proves it! This is the perfect introductory balisong to the higher end market. Premium materials, zen pins, bounce latch, PERFECT balance, the list goes on and on! I would highly recommend the BRS Barebones 2.0

BRS Barebones 2.0 Review
Gideon C. on May 18, 2019

OK, so I have been flipping this knife for about 4 or 5 months now and these are my thoughts after that time. Firstly I actually love this knifes weight and balance. I like heavier knives and this one feels great to me. I know some people don't like the finish, or the sharp corners, but those things don't really bug me. What DOES bug me is that they spent all this time with the wight and the length and the look, and put in stripped screws. Over half of the screws are stripped from the start, and I know that's probably something you can send back to them after you get the knife but it's not something you notice until you spend a month or 2 flipping and work the joints loose. Fortunately the screws that are stripped are the ones at the back of the handle so I can still tighten the flip joints. the other issue i have is that the latch catches, this is a pretty serious issue when you start getting into things like zen rollovers and the timing is off because the latch caught. It wouldn't be such an issue if i could remove the latch..but again...stripped screws... Again, i really like this knife, it feels great and when i try and flip other knives they feel foreign. I just wish they spent a little more time on the hardware and the latch system.

Stephen C. on Mar 5, 2019

Great knife flips like a champ and looking for that replicant next dont reccomend this kife unless your okay with maitnence

Smooth, poor finish quality
Tom L. on Nov 7, 2018

This is my first BRS balisong and my initial impressions out of the box revealed a decent knife. The flipping and pivots are extremely smooth and there is no blade play. The blade is razor sharp (I sharpened it some more..a knife can always be sharper!) My biggest complaint is the finishing on the chevrons on the handles. They are rough. You can literally see where the machined tool marks start and stop. This is most evident on the larger chevrons, although one of the smaller ones has a significant divot, as if the tool skipped. This would have taken ten minutes by hand with a jewelers file to remedy, which I will probably do myself. My last complaint is in regards to the latch, I expected a spring latch for the price. Overall, I am happy with it. Yes, I cut myself, twice, I don't know another way to break in a new bali. It is by far the smoothest opener in my small collection which at the moment comprises of a Pacific Cutlery Model 68 and a Squiddy trainer (next month a Benchmade 87 will be on it's way). Would I buy another BRS product? Probably. Did I expect better? Yes. Are the minor finishing defects a deal breaker for me with this blade? No. As for the latch, paracord lanyard. I have punches to drive out the pin and reinstall it and plenty of paracord. UPDATE: 1-25-2019 After extensive playing/EDC with this blade, I experienced blade rub and had to tighten the pivot screws, usually after each day of playing. I still carry it everyday but I have not used it to cut anything other than tape or saran wrap. The swept back tanto tip is undersirable to me. When going from an icepick back to a normal grip, the last swing when the blade is coming towards my hand, the tip, being curved, always pokes my middle finger. I refuse to do that trick with this blade. Now that I have my BM87, OMG. That is a workhorse, quality, smooth, there is almost an inch difference in the tip of the BM87 and the BRS profile. The BM87 does not hit my fingers and yes I am aware of the price difference. Finally, the last thing I noticed was how thin the BRS handles were and I have to be careful to keep my pinky finger out of the way when flipping because the tip of the blade, profile not a problem in this regard, slicing my finger as the blade comes out of the handle. Never drew blood, just shaved a layer or two off the end. I measured the thickness of the handles at .39" thick while specs claim .42" compared to BM87 and Squiddy at .50" .39" is .030" short of spec but within a +/- .030" typical machine tolerance. It needs to be wider. .050" G10 liners would solve this on all four handle sections adding .100" to come to .49" thickness. Spacers remain the same, just need longer screws and probably longer sex bolts. I will most likely do this myself. I guess I should also mention that I did use some stones and small flat hones to clean up the rough edges on the chevrons. I had to smooth out the latch itself as burrs began to build up and for some reason the safe handle, in the closed position, ready to latch, the bottom of the handles began to mushroom out from impact of the latch causing it to catch and stick. I had to file and hone those down as well. I still carry and flip this knife. I won't use it to cut or EDC as I originally thought I may because the blade honestly looks to weak. So this is relegated to flipping only. Meanwhile the BM87, EDC all the way and my favorite of my small collection. Hope this helps others and let me note I am only a beginner with flipping to the point where I will do aerials and spins but only with the Squiddy at the moment. The blade of the BRS is sharp and demands respect.

Expected better quality controll from BRS
Kelton B. on Nov 6, 2018

This is my 2nd BRS knife. The first was flawless. This bare bones v2 flips awesome. Pivots are tight. ....but the miling of one of the chevrons on the safe handle is terrible. Not a deal breaker by any means. I'm sure after a few good drops and being carried it will see its share of dents and dings. But just not expected from such a quality brand.

Great item
Nolan L. on Oct 29, 2018

great balisong I had to edit my initial review after handling a few other Balisongs. Flips amazing, specially after breaking it in. The blade has an amazing shape. 4 stars due to the latch. The latch gets scratched by the steel safety handle. Once the latch is scratch it will jam when it’s in a closed locked position.

April C. on Oct 19, 2018

It came with defect on the blade. By that I mean the stonewash was skipped on part of it leaving it lighter. Ive had it for 6 months and so far it has a stripped screw so now my latch is stuck on. Also it causes alot of play and tap but it came with very little. The tip is broken and the blade has chips. But keep in mind i basicly made it a beater and i used a crappy torx driver. It flips great and holds up too. This makes a grate beater and u should buy it. Though a better idea would be to save a little more and get a replicant.

stuck tlatch
Jerermy T. on Jun 18, 2018

Overall the knife flips amazingly and looks great however there is onething that ruins it for me and its the t latch it abruptly gets stuck in a spot forcing the knife to close abruptly which is really frustrating. another thing to keep in mind is the blade is fragile on teh tip but if you keep good care of it the tip will not be a problem

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