BRS Replicant ALT Blade Balisong Butterfly Knife Black G-10 (4.5" Stonewash)

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  • Overall Length:10.00"
  • Blade Length:4.50"
  • Cutting Edge:4.25"
  • Blade Thickness:0.13"
  • Blade Material:154CM
  • Blade Style:Spear Point
  • Finish:Stonewash
  • Edge Type:Plain
  • Handle Length:5.50"
  • Handle Thickness:0.55"
  • Handle Material:G-10
  • Color:Black
  • Frame/Liner:Titanium
  • Weight:4.90 oz.
  • User:Right Hand, Left Hand
  • Knife Type:Butterfly
  • Brand:BRS
  • Model:Replicant
  • Country of Origin:USA
  • Best Use:Everyday Carry
  • Product Type:Knife


This version of the Replicant features a few noteworthy changes. For this run, BRS changed it up on us by doing an alternate blade shape.

The BRS Replicant is designed by and for flippers, and it is as devout to the sport as you are. Featuring machined black G-10 scales over titanium liners and a Scorpion Tip Tanto blade, the Replicant is a truly refined tool.

Don't confuse the Replicant with other run-of the-mill balisongs on the market. Much like its predecessor the Alpha Beast, the Replicant has been bioengineered for superior agility, dynamics and performance.

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BladeRunnerS Systems (or -=BRS=-) is a company founded by balisong manipulators and knife/gear enthusiasts. Their mission is to produce high performance balisongs and gear with a design philosophy centered around performance, precision and quality. "For us it has to be right and has to flip right, we are performance grade, competition ready, battle tested...and looking forward to earning your business."


Customer Reviews

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Nice asf
jake d.
this was my first that I had ever bought and I probably got it over a year ago today and I have had no problem s with it all. The only thing that I can find wrong with this bali is that for some reason I dont know why they didn't crown the spine but other than that reps are one of the best options for the money.
Almost perfect
Nick S.
Flips Really well.

High quality manufacturing, solid construction.

Holds its value, aka you can sell it a year later used for almost as much as you bought it for.

Most importantly, it is the gold standerd of flippers. Replicants are neutral in almost every way. Not light, not heavy. Handles are not absurdly long, but they aren't short. Weight distribution is standard. Because of this you can flip in any style with this knife, so if you don't already know what your style is, this is probably the best balisong to get you there. I think everyone should have a replicant in their collection because it is so well rounded.

Screws are made from a material with low tensile strength so they will break. On the bright side they wont strip because they are pan head torx.

No clip, this isn't a surprise, but its dumb that they sell clip versions as "premium" when its such a basic part of most knives. Especially considering that many flippers like to flip clip on, latch off.

The aesthetic design is objectively bad as it doesn't follow even the most basic rules of form hierarchy. Which doesn't matter if you like it, but I think its pretty ugly.

No crowned spine, the standard blade replicant has a crowned spine, even the barebones 2.0 has a crowned spine, so I don't know why they would downgrade here.

BTW if a screw breaks, don't buy their $20 parts package, the screws are 2-56 threaded and 3/16" long.
Very nice BRS quality
Russell R.
This is a very very nice knife. Its everything that the 51 lacked. Perfect weight and length. Only two disappointments. The spine isn't crowned like the regular Replicants. Although that is no where near a deal breaker for me. The second thing is that the screws that hold in the spacers are a pain to get out. But if you know what you're doing its fine.
All in all it is a great flipper, will buy other BRS balisongs.
Alt blade
Dylan G.
Usually what you would expect from a rep. I really like the new blade because of its lack of the super pointy tip. I have more confidence the blade will remain intact if I drop it now as compared to the original blade.
The 51 Magnum, Way better than expected
ian a.
After flipping one of these for a while now, I have fallen in love with it and no longer judge it's stubby tip. INFACT I love it for its structural integrity on being able to withstand drops better! and making the whole thing overall more of a neutral flipper!

The clicky clacking feeling of the zen pins is back and still amazing as ever.

Only downside is the uncrowned spine but it was explained why it was not crowned and I am fine with it.

I still prefer the original scorpion tip though, that baby is hard to beat.