Backcountry Cooking by Sierra Adare (Paperback)

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  • Publisher:Skyhorse
  • Publication Date:2011
  • Pages:238
  • Subject:Cooking
  • Country of Origin:China
  • Weight:1 lb. 8.00 oz.
  • Product Type:Book


This amazing cookbook will teach you how to make and enjoy delicious meals in the backcountry. The trick involves whole meal planning and packaging before the trip even begins. You can find everything you need at the grocery store, at a much better price than specialty freeze-dried camping food.

  • Over 100 recipes
  • Valuable in-the-field cooking techniques
  • Tips on food dehydration without special equipment
  • Tips for adapting favorite recipes to outdoor cooking
  • Anecdotes and advice from the experienced author
  • And much more
  • Your stomach will thank you for reading this book before your next backcountry adventure.

    Sierra Adare has had cooking and travel articles featured in several national publications including the Denver Post, Mother Earth News, and Farmstead Magazine. She writes from her home office in Wind River Range, Wyoming, where she also enjoys skiing, skydiving, sailing, camping, backpacking and canoeing.


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