Benchmade Infidel OTF Automatic Knife Olive Drab (3.95" Black) 3300BKOD-1101

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  • Overall Length:8.95"
  • Blade Length:3.95"
  • Blade Thickness:0.12"
  • Blade Material:D2
  • Hardness:58-61 RC
  • Blade Style:Spear Point
  • Blade Grind:Flat
  • Finish:Black
  • Edge Type:Plain
  • Handle Length:4.80"
  • Handle Thickness:0.90"
  • Handle Material:Aluminum
  • Color:OD Green
  • Weight:5.00 oz.
  • User:Right Hand
  • Pocket Clip:Tip-Down
  • Sheath:Nylon
  • Knife Type:Double-Action OTF Automatic
  • Opener:Thumb Slide
  • Brand:Benchmade
  • Model:Infidel
  • Model Number:3300BKOD-1101
  • Designer:McHenry
  • Country of Origin:USA
  • Best Use:Tactical
  • Product Type:Knife


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This is a limited edition Infidel OTF from Benchmade with an OD green handle and black blade, laser marked "Law Enforcement / Military Elite Edition.

Rumors circulated for years about a possible Benchmade OTF knife. The Infidel OTF is, to put it mildly, awesome. We had some Benchmade reps in our store awhile back and I got to play with a Prototype. It was outstanding in terms of quality, action, and lock-up. D2 tool steel double edged blade, double ground. Anodized T6 aluminum handle. And a pocket clip for easy carry. This model features a BK1 black coated blade!

Blade HQ's Benchmade Infidel Review: ahhh yeah! A few features we really like is the sliding button on the face of the handle, instead of on the side as many others have. The milled "stepped" handle design assures that this knife will not be slipping out of your hand.


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Blade play
Trevor N.
After buying several dozen OTF's I started finding the things that I sought after in one. Here's a few things: blade play (8/10), grip (9/10), deployment (9/10), aesthetics (9/10), price? (7/10)
After becoming a loyal microtech customer I have yet to buy another otf from benchmade. With microtech you get more 💥 for your 💰
Ultimate bad A
Hunter G.
This knife made me grow four inches taller and made me look jacked! This knife is the coolest and performs perfectly every time I use it. I makes me feel like a stud.
Oh and it holds a edge pretty well, it stays sharp.
Very well done!
Fun to play with. Probably something I would carry or use. But it sure is cool to play with and show to friends. Super sharp. Action is very smooth.
Dorin G.
Straight to the point:
Pros: Nice design , easy opening ( comparing with MT Combat Trodon ) , nice clip, kinda, good ergonomics , light weight .
Cons : Materials ( Aluminum , D2, seriously for 400 bucks?), way overpriced , blade very thin-D2 can be brittle .
Just curious if anybody on you-tube put this one for a tactical test : will see .
It can be kinda gentleman knife for self defense and minor tasks . Thats all .
paul s.
For me it was between this and a microtech, before I reached out to microtech to see what their warranty was, service, etc., I called Benchmade first. The girl was very friendly of course but it was the answers to questions that sold me on this brand. First, lifetime sharpening, second I was worried about the nature of the knife, mechanical/function and how long it can last/durability. The lady told me that they stand by their product 100% and not only offer the free lifetime sharpening but free lifetime service. I was sold. I just received the knife today and if I had the money I would buy another, feels great in the hand, looks amazing, it will be my daily carry. A++++ to Benchmade and BladeHQ.
Its NOT a MicroTech
Edward P.
First off I own and daily carry a Microtech Ultratech T/E OTF Automatic Knife. So when I was able to look at this knife at a local shop I took my time and here is my opinion comparing mine to this model. First off, this is not a MicroTech (MT), well duh. It does not have the feel of the MT in the handle or the blade. The MT blade seems much more rigid and the design of the handle fits my hand better.

The blade just does not feel like it will stand to the rigors of daily carry. The MT I carry is a Tanto point, and it has survived 4' drops into the driveway from the top of a lifted 4x4 with no damage. Both blades have a blood grove, but the MT is more pronounced and has bevel cuts that make the Tanto design really pop and feel much thinner than it actually is. The MT feel much more rigid. For me, the Tanto is a work blade and allows you to leverage force onto one side, but this blade being a dagger just does not lend itself as a matter of design to daily work. Sure it looks cool, but it does not have that feel like the MT has that it will just take shit all day and survive.

The spring mech is not as fast or positive as the MT, now this is where MT has a weakness, as the mechanism on the MT is very hard for the average person to activate, and about 5% of the time it will fail to fully close, and it requires a flip of the wrist to open and then close with the second attempt. The Benchmade (BM) opens and closes much smoother, but not as fast or with as much force. The spring switch on the MT is more aggressive and hard on your finger if your not use to hammering nails or slinging 70 lb steel i beams all day without gloves! The BM switch is thinner and smoother with a softer spring, but BM fell short by leaving two holes below the spring where lint and dirt can get into the mechanism and cause problems inside the knife. Now both have outstanding warranties, but I would lay money on the BM as not failing on the spring mech. The nice thing I really like about my MT is the glass break, the BM just does not have one.

The BM has a nice clip, wider than the MT. MT has the serial number on the clip and it looks sharp, I was not sure where the serial number was on the BM or if it had one. The Jimping on the MT was lacking when you compare it to the shape of the BM, on this issue the BM being thinner and shaped better for grip with tapered edges would tip the scale to the BM, but for me where the grip and shape work better, the blade shape thickness tip the scales back to MT. The BM will sit better in your pocket being thinner and wider with tapered edges, but the MT will sit to the side corner of your pocket nice and not get in the way when you dig for other items. The last thing to consider is the finish, the MT has a painted finish, it is tough but at the end of the day it will scratch and you will see the primer below it. The BM is not painted, you will not have this issue, but I love the paint job on my MT, it makes it unique and the subtle wear is what make it mine.

Both blades have a tip down carry clip, but the MT has a lanyard hole and the BM does not. The BM clip is more rounded and both have writing on them. Side by side I would chose the MT, but both are serious OTF choices for someone who wants the very best quality and warranty OTF offered.
OD Infidel
Charles J.
Purchased this knife a few months back and I'm glad I did. Benchmade quality in every feature the OD green w/Bk-1 blade are a great look and this knife has never failed to work.The grip is great with perfect size for my average hands. Thanks Blade HQ for Great prices and fast shipping, I will be doing business with you again.
Olive Drab Benchmade Infidel
chris j.
I can't believe I never gave my review on this Infidel. I absolutely love it. I love everything about Benchmade OTF's. No loose parts jiggling in the belly, just a solid frame and smooth deployment. How can you not love the color? It has United States Military written all over it. A+++++++++