Best Glide ASE Standard Survival Fishing Kit FG1141

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Item #BHQ-17193


  • Brand:Best Glide
  • Model:Fishing Kit
  • Product Type:Survival


The Standard Emergency Survival Fishing Kit from Best Glide ASE makes a great addition to any survival kit. It is well stocked, inexpensive and durable. It is designed as a collaborative effort between survivalists and avid fishermen. Contains Silica Gel Desiccant to keep items dry.

Best Glide A.S.E. also changed the type of knife usually included in such kits. Instead of a basic razor blade, the Best Glide Survival Fishing Kit includes a Derma-Safe Utility Knife. Adding to the list of innovations, we also included a pre-made fishing line, ready for fishing. Rounding out the utility of the Best Glide Kit is a brief fishing manual written by fishing enthusiasts. It includes suggestions and techniques that increase your chances of catching fish and the basics of setting up your line and fishing knot tying. In short, this is the best assembled and stocked kit manufactured today.

Weight: 4.0 oz.


  • 1 Manual (Fishing Tips and Instructions)
  • 1 2" Swirl Tail Grub (Jig)
  • 1 Tiny Shad (Jig)
  • 1 1 1/2" Tube (Jig)
  • 1 1/4 oz. (Spoon)
  • 8 Salmon Eggs (Bait)
  • 1 Size 8 (Fly)
  • 1 Size 10 1/8 (Fly)
  • 1 Moisture Absorbing Packet (Desiccant)
  • 1 Folding Razor Knife
  • 2 Treble (Hooks)
  • 3 #4 (Hooks)
  • 3 #6 (Hooks)
  • 3 #8 (Hooks)
  • 4 Wire Wound Leaders (Leaders)
  • 4 BB (Split Shot)
  • 4 3/0 (Split Shot)
  • 1 3/4" (Bobber)
  • 50 ft. (12 lb. Line)
  • 25 ft. (30 lb Line)
  • Ready Line (Line, Bobber, Sinker, Hook)
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