Blackside Customs Ordnance Grade Naval Brass Modular Buckle (1.5")

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  • Material:Brass
  • Color:Gold
  • Weight:3.38 oz.
  • Country of Origin:USA
  • Brand:Blackside Customs
  • Model:Modular Buckle
  • Product Type:Buckle


The team at Blackside Customs has dedicated themselves to delivering the world's first belt buckle with interchangeable parts. Their Modular Buckle goes beyond simple utility by offering total customization. Users have the option to dial-in their accessories for any occasion and the ability to mix and match materials and colors for any occasion*.

This buckle boasts clean lines and an altogether well-thought design. It is made from ordnance grade naval brass, which is harder than regular brass. The buckle fits 1.5" belt widths.

All components are manufactured in a Tier One facility, located here in the United States of America. Every specialized buckle produced is crafted within extremely high tolerances and hand inspected to ensure the quality aligns with their unmatched standards.

*An array of replacement bars will be available, each featuring built-in gadgets to tackle everyday tasks.

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