Boker Kalashnikov Limited Edition Dagger Automatic Knife (3.25" Damascus)

This Blade HQ Exclusive Boker Kalashnikov features a Damascus blade and a black handle.


  • Dagger blade made from Damascus steel.
  • Push button automatic* opening action.
  • Black coated aluminum handle.
  • Plunge lock mechanism.
  • Deep carry pocket clip.


This limited model has a damascus steel, dagger blade and a black-coated aluminum handle with black hardware and a black, deep-carry pocket clip.

The Boker Kalashnikov is inspired by the Kalashnikov rifle. Its handle is contoured to feel perfect in hand, promising a sure grip with jimping on its top and bottom. The Kalashnikov honors its namesake with a design you can count on.

Looking to add some flare to your Kalashnikov? Check out these sleek Flytanium pocket clips! These pocket clips only fit the regular models not the Mini or the XXL.

We stock sheaths made specifically for the Boker Kalashnikov:

See the Boker Kalashnikov Review to learn what makes this knife so amazing!

*Automatic conversion knives are retrofitted by a third party to accept a coil spring. The factory warranty on these knives is void, but we do warranty the conversion/spring of these knives for one (1) year from date of purchase.

Item #BHQ-21477
MSRP: $137.95
Our Price: $99.95
In Stock!
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  • Overall Length: 7.625"
  • Blade Length: 3.25"
  • Cutting Edge: 3.00"
  • Blade Thickness: 0.12"
  • Blade Material: Damascus
  • Blade Style: Dagger
  • Blade Grind: Flat
  • Finish: Damascus
  • Edge Type: Plain
  • Handle Length: 4.375"
  • Handle Thickness: 0.67"
  • Handle Material: Aluminum
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 3.70 oz.
  • User: Right Hand
  • Pocket Clip: Tip-Up
  • Knife Type: Automatic
  • Opener: Push Button
  • Lock Type: Button Lock
  • Brand: Boker
  • Model: Kalashnikov
  • Country of Origin: Taiwan
  • Best Use: Tactical
  • Product Type: Knife

Customer Reviews

Very nice knife
Bob M. on Aug 31, 2023

I have several OTF knives but, this is my first automatic knife. The action is very positive and smooth. This is one if my favorite knives. Easy to carry. The Damascus pattern is very nice. it has a comfortable handle and really looks great. A lot of knife for the price.

Boker Damascus
Tony C. on Aug 4, 2023

I love this knife. I have several of these Boker automatic knives but this is my favorite by far. I'm glad I picked it up before the price increase but it's still a great value. If you're on the fence, don't be. It's worth every penny.

Eric S. on Nov 19, 2021

This is probably the best of the AK lineup. The Damascus is beautiful. It will rust like a son of a gun if not cared for. This version also has the upgraded spring, which delivers a nice, strong snap when you hit the button. I've also got the xhp version, which is nice as well!

Amazing Kalashnikov
COREY S. on Jul 14, 2021

As my first decent knife I have a soft spot for Boker Kalashnikovs. This is my 4th, 3 (including this one) that rotate as my EDC and the mini that stays in my ankle pouch along with my IFAK. I absolutely love this knife, it's my first real Damascus knife and I couldn't be happier with it. Unlike some of the other comments the action and 'recoil' of it opening on mine are amazingly smooth giving the knife an even classier feeling compared to my other Kalashnikovs. My current favorite knife I own by far.

Damascus Boker Kalashnikov
Con F. on Feb 24, 2020

Beautiful blade; good action, good grip. One of my favorites; use for EDC

Boker Damascus - Love at First Sight
Kevin M. on Feb 22, 2020

I own allot of great automatic knives - some cost as much as a fine pistol - this $80 Boker has become my new favorite. It's a solid build and feel like the others in this series - only with a drop dead gorgeous blade. You can actually feel the ridges of metal when running your fingers across the surface. The opening is fast and crisp. The dagger design is tapered on the non-cutting side providing the look of a double sided medieval fighting knife. You will not be disappointed with this knife. If you gift it someone - they will never forget you.

Great to have in collection
Robert S. on Feb 18, 2020

Handle fits well, solid , machined tight. The Damascus blade looks Awesome.This one will go up in value over time.

great knive
zachary p. on Feb 3, 2020

can never go wrong with a boker auto, especially with this type of steel. well worth the extra cost.

Beautiful demascus for the price
Christopher K. on Apr 4, 2019

I am a big sucker for demascus, and this one does not disappoint. Especially at around $80, this is a very good knife. The opening is very crisp, the button works well, the erganomics are outstanding, and the blade is beautiful. I would not pay more than $90 give or take, but at this price point it is an excellent knife.

Beautiful Damascus
Neal F. on Mar 4, 2019

The Damascus on this (192 layers) is beautiful. Each one is going to be unique and it’s an awesome variation on a knife that should be a staple in any knife collection.

Beautiful and scary
Mike E. on Feb 19, 2019

This is my first knife with a Damascus blade. It's a beautiful blade that was surprisingly not sharp out of the box. It wouldn't even open an envelope. However, two minutes on a stone, and now it's extremely sharp. The button requires a moderately firm push to release the blade. Hold it firmly when you release the blade. There is some recoil, which is appropriate given its name. The handle feels very nice in your hand. Workmanship is very high with this knife. There are no rough edges anywhere. The blade is centered when closed. My presentation box had been opened (broken seals). Maybe that's some sort of federal regulation with automatic knives? There also were finger marks on the foam cushion. And as I said before, the blade was not sharp. All that aside, I really like the quality of this knife, and I won't be returning it.

Beautiful knife!
Chris B. on Jun 12, 2018

Love the damascus pattern on the blade and the strong automatic action. Overall a great knife for the price!

Good knife for the price
Ken T. on Jan 5, 2018

I got this because I love the looks of Damascus and automatics. Blade looks great with lots of folds and is pretty sharp out of the box. Snap out fast and locks up tight. The only problem I had is it’s a little gritty on the push button release. I’m sure this will subside after some use. For the price this is a great knife.

Scott m. on Jan 5, 2018

It is a sweet knife.

Anonymous on Nov 4, 2017

Great knife for the price
Dave S. on Sep 28, 2017

Beautiful damascus blade, sharpens easily to razor sharp edge. Could be a little more oomph to the release, but overall could not be more pleased for the price.

Beautiful blade!!
Jason M. on Apr 28, 2017

This is a really cool knife. This is my first Damascus knife and I'm pretty impressed, the blade is absolutely beautiful. The handle feels great in my hand. There is nothing that I don't love about this knife. This is a very well made knife.

Great knife.
Brett J. on May 22, 2016

This is a very solid knife for the price.. Another review noted the handle material was plastic, however it is aluminum and very well made. The button action is a little stiff and gritty but it will become smooth with some use. Don't hesitate to buy any of the AK74 autos from Boker. They are great autos and possibly the best bang for the buck.

Awesome quality, incredible Damascus blade
Peter j. on May 12, 2016

This is now my favorite knife! The build quality is that of a $200+ knife. The Damascus is just gorgeous. Great purchase highly recommended.

Bang for your Buck!
Harlan L. on Jan 6, 2022

Have several of the Kalashnikov and purchased this Damascus one. The only grip I have is that the blade rust really easy and out of the box it wasn't that sharp. Just needs to be sharpen but that rust is giving me a hard time taking it off. Overall for a EDC it's a great Bang for your Buck.

Why not?!
Patrick B. on Mar 17, 2019

If you love the kalashnikov then why not splurge on the most beautiful blade you’ve ever seen?! Just do it.

Pretty Cool Knife
D. M. on Mar 15, 2019

Upon receiving this knife(shipping was great and on time) I was pretty impressed with the fit, finish and feel. Had to do some blade timing of my own, but operates flawless. Great looking damascus blade. ***To clarify the “open box” complaints of others. Blade HQ techs have to mod these knives into autos. I’m completely fine with the box opened by Blade HQ. I would rather have the peace of mind the knife operates safely, over the seals being untouched. I will also add that Blade HQ videos and reviews are AWESOME!!! Informative while keeping it fun. I will continue to buy from Blade HD even if it’s a few $bucks$ more. Well worth it. Thanks Team!!!

Nice but has one flaw
Ron K. on Jun 23, 2016

Overall I like this knife. The price is right. However the open button grinds when pushed. Have to push it REAL hard. I sent it back for a replacement. But was told that the knife was designed that way. So for the price, I'll keep it and hope, over time, the action will smooth out. I do give Blade HQ 5 stars for customer service.

nice blade
Jim B. on May 12, 2016

The blade on this knife looks fantastic and is of very good quality. However, the plastic handle is not up to par with the blade. The spring action is also very good but the button is NOT smooth and does not live up to the rest of the knife. Overall not bad for the price but would be GREAT with a decent handle.

Looks great...but
Denton P. on Jun 28, 2021

The action is great and knife looks sick. However, not a good EDC where I live as it's rusted all to hell... This should be used as a collector piece and not for use.

Bad QA/QC. Not a good work knife.
Tyler M. on Mar 11, 2019

The box has been clearly opened by someone and I'd assume it was someone at Blade HQ so when I open it, I immediately noticed that one of the screws was very close to falling out, so someone wasn't paying very much attention when they checked it over. I wouldn't be as annoyed if it was a normal sized screw but it's a micro sized star bit and I'll probably have to go buy a new set just to tighten it up because I don't work on watches or child's toys. Edge seems decent but the button is kind of gritty and not easy to close. This is my first Damascus blade so I don't know much about them but there seems to be a lot of impurities. The high carbon of the Damascus makes it easy for oxidation and as I'm walking around and working outside a lot, just me sweating has caused it to rust some.

Looks great...
Travis B. on Jan 20, 2018

High maintenance. Quick to rust. Gave it away as a present.

Reed c. on Jun 19, 2021

While the blade looks nice, I noticed a ton of blade play right out of the box. And to my surprise, I can force the knife closed with my bare hands. The lock is completely defective, and so is the firing button. I have a feeling this is caused by the exclusive damascus blade. The lock detent looks like it was ground out by a child with a Dremel tool.

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