Boker Kwaiken Tuxedo Flipper Knife Carbon Fiber w/Titanium Bolster (3.5" Satin)

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  • Overall Length:8.375"
  • Blade Length:3.50"
  • Blade Thickness:0.13"
  • Blade Material:VG-10
  • Blade Style:Standard
  • Blade Grind:Hollow
  • Finish:Satin
  • Edge Type:Plain
  • Handle Length:4.875"
  • Handle Thickness:0.52"
  • Handle Material:Carbon Fiber
  • Color:Black
  • Bolster Material:Titanium
  • Frame/Liner:Titanium
  • Weight:3.57 oz.
  • User:Right Hand
  • Pocket Clip:Tip-Up
  • Knife Type:Manual
  • Opener:Flipper
  • Lock Type:Liner Lock
  • Brand:Boker
  • Model:Kwaiken
  • Model Number:01BO301
  • Country of Origin:Taiwan
  • Best Use:Everyday Carry
  • Product Type:Knife


It is not uncommon to find the Lucas Burnley-designed Kwaiken hanging out in the pocket of your favorite Blade HQ employee. With it's tactical-gentleman aesthetic and clean lines, the Kwaiken is here to stay. We decided to take this esteemed knife to the next level, and have dubbed it the "Kwaiken Tuxedo", only available here at Blade HQ.

There are a few obvious, as well as some not-so-obvious changes. First and foremost is the striking titanium bolster paired with it's partner in crime, carbon fiber. The fit and transition are smooth and reminiscent of a Burnley custom piece.

Next up, we replaced the hefty stainless steel frame/liner lock with titanium. This lightened the knife to 3.6 ounces, nearly 1 ounce lighter than the carbon fiber version! We also added a titanium pocket clip and jimping on the flipper (YES, jimping!).

The Kwaiken Tuxedo sports a beautiful satin finished VG-10 stainless blade and the IKBS pivot system allows for easy, quick opening.

We are excited about the new Kwaiken Tuxedo and all the customization possibilities! This is a serial numbered run and is sure to go quick!


Customer Reviews

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BladeHQ R U Listening?
Jose P.
A beautiful knife oozing quality. I liked it so much I bought two and gave them to friends. I had the good fortune to talk to Boker and they shook their heads saying it was a special commission by Blade HQ. So Blade HQ....R U listening? You need to commission another run! Yesterday!
My first flipper
Matt D.
I'm relatively new to knife collecting and after doing some research, I pulled the trigger. I like the upgrades and the exclusivity of the Blade HQ Tuxedo models. No real complaints, other than a little bit of lock stick, which I've found in just about every folder without a steel lockbar insert. As I said, I'm an amateur so in time I'll get better deploying the knife. After ordering, I noticed that there are a few Tuxedo Kwaikens with a tanto blade, numbers BHQ-34894, BHQ-34895, and BHQ-34898. I'm really a tanto guy at heart, so heads up Blade HQ, if you ever get those models back in stock, talk to me about a possible trade.
Great knife, some production problems.
Matt R.
This knife design is killer! The only issue is that there seems to be some inconsistencies in production. Mine has a little gap where the cf meets the titanium upper part. There were also a couple of scratches on the flat of the blade near the etches. Other than that, the performance is SMOOTH. The tolerances are very tight. So aside from the aesthetic blemishes I personally received, I'd highly recommend any of the Boker Kwaikens. The blade is much more beautiful in person, it has the looks and performance of a much more expensive knife. As anyone else can probably tell you, the specs are a great value for the price.
Todd F.
Fell in love with the style of this blade. Got it for a modern gentleman's carry. Read a lot of reviews about lock stick and this/that but pulled the trigger b/c of a great price for a sexy knife with titanium and carbon fiber.

It arrived sharp and flips like butter. Smoother than my $300+ knives. No lock stick. Great light weight beauty!!!
I love this knife!
Brandon L.
I found myself recently admiring the styling of several kwaiken knives. I never pulled the trigger because I was uncertain of their quality control as their knives have a wide range of reviews and reported issues. I bought this knife on the BladeHQ Black Friday sale and it is unbelievable for the price.

Styling is impeccable with clean lines and a great hand feel. It is sleek and slim and rides great in the pocket.

The action of the blade is super smooth, in fact, it may be the most well balanced action of any flipper I own. The blade locks up tight with no play in any direction. There is no lock stick to speak of.

the only negative is that heavy duty use may prove difficult as your thumb will want to slide up the spine of the blade as it is without any jimping. I am not holding this against the knife whatsoever as it is marketed as a gentlemans flipper and jimping would effect the aesthetic.

Love it.
Great Carry Blade
David J.
This knife is all class. Great for the business carry with clean lines, Ti construction and Carbon Fiber handle covers. Great purchase.
Great Knife
Frank S.
This knife has the look and feel of a $300 knife. Great fit and finish and it was sharp out of the box. I'm glad I bought this HQ exclusive.
This is a $500 knife all day long...
Chad A.
First off I have been collecting knives for 35 years...I have owned customs by all the top names including Mayo,Korth,Terzuola,Bogi ,Foster get the picture.. I know my knives. The action, fit and finish on this knife are superb... it may not be the sharpest knife out of the box I've ever owned but that's an easy fix. Nice work Boker!!! and bladehq for the super fast shipping. I'm stoked
Great looker
Jeremy M.
This knife has excellent fit and finish. Mine has no lock stick whatsoever, after flipping it a thousand times. Everything is flush and perfect. I only have two complaints: One is not really a complaint, which is the knife doesn't have much functional use value (more of an art piece), so design; The other is that I feel it is overpriced for a knife made in Taiwan.

All that said, it is an extremely beautiful knife and works flawlessly. It is a real work of art and with all that titanium, you can make it look any way you'd like it to.
Possibly a unicorn?
William P.
I've been hearing about a lot of issues with lock-stick, so I feel I should speak for a decent example that made it to the field. I may have gotten lucky, but my example does not suffer from this. It has perfect early lockup and no blade play, even with the lock disengaged. The blade is centered as well. The detent isn't the strongest, but it still flips well and locks open every time.

My only gripe is that the grinding on the spine is not symmetrical. Still gets five stars, though.
A bit disappointed
Bunni L.
I was so excited when I order it as it looks so good with my suit. I was expecting a perfect folder from Boker plus again as I have a Boker plus urban trapper, it looks great, came razor sharp and works well.
But when I receive it. Overall it looks very good. But it came dull, there's a small gap between the back spacer and scale. And the lock stick is quite annoying as its titanium liner to steel.
If you consider its a collectable, it's fine. But if you want to carry and use it. Maybe not.
Blade HQ response:
Sorry to hear about the trouble you're having. Have you tried to contact our customer service department yet ( We'd like to help you get this resolved in a timely manner. Thanks -BHQ
Noa K.
I love this knife. Everything is good on mine. Had a little lock stick when I first got it but it went away.
No, it's not perfect but its close and extremely smooth.
S. S.
I have a good copy. One of the bolsters does not line up perfectly with the carbon fiber, the other does. The blade is well centered. For the price, perhaps a better steel would be expected. The lock-up is good but can stick if I throw it open too quickly. As a design alternative, I might like a little bit of the original choil to help lock the knife into my hand.

The knife looks pretty special. The bolsters are perfectly sized for the blade and the scales. There is a nice step up/down between the liners and the scales. The handle is slim and feels awesome in hand. It fits easily into the pocket. The addition of titanium liners and pocket clip reduces the mass nicely compared to the stainless versions. In function, this knife is beautifully smooth. Opening it compares nicely to a Benchmade Ares. For those who know, this is high praise. I really like the blade shape.

Although their are negatives, ie lock stick, for me, at least, the positives and the price really make up for these.
Kubaton with a blade
Timothy C.
I have had my Kwaiken for just under one month. The knife is so smooth and tight. Great EDC.
Fit and finish problems
Jay U.
I'm relatively new to knife collecting. I have a handful of $50 folding knives from Blade HQ. They call came in perfect working order. The blades were all centered. Solid lockup. No blade play. So that's what I've gotten used to. I'd been eyeing the Kwaiken ever since I started getting knives. When they came out with the tuxedo, with fixes for some of the complaints about the Kwaiken like gimping on the flipper and reduced weight, etc. I decided it was time to jump on it and spend the money. When I opened it I was very excited, it's visually beautiful. When I held it I was very excited. The carbon fiber scales are silky smooth. The seems between scales and bolster pretty seamless. But then I noticed the blade wasn't centered. That was kind of a bummer. I opened it and the blade rattled around. I was like wtf. I was about to send it back when I decided to tighten the pivot screw. It was really loose. Blade still not centered. No blade play now, that's nice. Then I tried to close it. The blade sticks like crazy. After using for a while the stick is starting to ease up, unless I open it hard in which case, it sticks so hard I have to use both hands. I don't know if I'm being too picky but, again, my $50 knives came in better shape and work better than this $165. I'm wondering how much you've got to spend to not have to deal with those fit, finish and function things. I would think $165 should cover it. Not in this case.
Blade HQ response:
Sorry to hear about the trouble you're having. Have you tried to contact our customer service department yet ( We'd like to help you get this resolved in a timely manner. Thanks -BHQ
Lock-Stick Production Flaw Kills This Design
Adam B.
I'm a massive fan of Boker's production model of Lucas Burnley's Kwaiken design. I was over the moon when the Tuxedo was announced as it seemed to improve in every way on one of my favorite knife designs. This would be the sixth Kwaiken I've owned and the tenth I've purchased.

Unfortunately, what nobody is talking about in their review here is a problem with lock-stick. I have been informed by Blade HQ staff and have confirmed with other members of the knife community that this is not an isolated issue, it seems to have affected the run as a whole.

The stick on the knife I was sent was so bad that it needed to be forced in order to close, sometimes with both hands. When it did release it was with a loud popping/clicking noise. This wasn't something that was going to break in over time, it was a legitimate defect. Since I have no promise of a replacement being any better, I have returned the knife.

I hope this issue is addressed, I'd like to own this knife in a functional state some day. I'm not sure why other reviewers aren't mentioning this, perhaps mine was a worst-case-scenario but I'd feel remiss in not pointing it out to anyone considering purchase.
Blade HQ response:
Sorry to hear about the trouble you're having. Have you tried to contact our customer service department yet ( We'd like to help you get this resolved in a timely manner. Thanks -BHQ
Must have
kenneth m.
When I seen the new kwaiken tuxedo and that it had a full titanium frame.. bolsters.. backspacer and pocket clip.. I had to have it. It's a modders dream. And only 1000 being sold... its a no brainer.. Get it while you can!
I love it (with a couple minor caveats)
Bob O.
I was super excited to see that Boker and BladeHQ had teamed up to fix all the things wrong with the Kwaikens I have owned in the past. The blade steel was upgraded, and most importantly: the flipper tab was made usable with jimping and the weight was greatly reduced. The result is a fantastically dressy but functional knife. My only minor disappointments are 1) I had to slightly bend the tip of the pocket clip in order to get it to slide into my jeans, and 2) the fit and finish is good but not excellent (particularly where the Ti bolsters meet the CF scales), and 3) my blade came with a little spot just in front of the sharpening choil where the edge is ground flat. Not sure what that's about.
Excellent Overall, Best Boker Makes
Will M.
As a maker and a bit of a perfectionist, I can be unnecessarily harsh on blades as far as criticism goes, so please understand that in no way do I mean to say this knife is bad. Quite the opposite, in fact, for a Boker it's extremely good. This is the best knife I've ever seen them put together; tolerances are tight, action is quite good, the materials are pretty decent for the price.

I can only comment on four things negatively: 1. the lock sticks, as one would expect from a lock lacking carbide. Boker also uses a radiused locking face that's hollow ground, which I do not particularly care for as it affords less overall surface area for the lockup. 2. the edge out of box is underwhelming. This is sad considering the VG-10 steel that's on the blade, which will take a keen edge of given sufficient coaxing. However this leads me to 3. edge geometry leaves something to be desired. It's relatively thick behind the edge and Boker has chosen to put a 22 degree or steeper edge on the blade, which is why I believe it doesn't perform as well as it could. Lastly, 4. in order to compensate for some tolerance stacking, Boker used an oversized bearing detent hole that allows the detent on the locking bar to push too far towards the blade. This in turn allows the lockbar to actually contact the side of the blade while closed, scratching the finish.

None of these issues are sufficient for me to be displeased with the knife overall, which if taken as a whole is really quite good. It does have the ergonomics of a small twig, but it's size and relative light weight more than make up for its lack of shapely features, and overall I like the simplicity. It has a nice Art Deco look to it, which I really like, and as a maker I can tell that Boker made every effort to conform to the original design intent Luc had for this knife. Overall I'd give it a solid 4/5 stars, which is really good considering it's a Boker Plus.
As close to a custom Burnley as possible
Dean K. H.
Owned a custom Burnley Kwaiken configured just like this one, and need to say that this BHQ exclusive is as close to a custom as you can get at a fraction of the cost. The custom version is hard to find now and is upwards of 10x what this one costs. The only material difference is blade steel, customs are usually CPM 154, but VG10 is a good steel too, and of course the fact this is a production model. Boker has done a very good job, F&F is great, action/lock up is spot on. Going to grab another one before these sell out..... If you've always wanted a custom version, get this one, you won't be sorry you did.
Matt D.
It's great even though I am disappointed the lock side liner is titanium and not steel. Wish they had left the lock side steel and the display side titanium would have been a great compromise with cutting weight and long lasting lockup. But a great knife that looks even better now.