Boker Plus MPP Multi Purpose Pen Titanium 09BO066

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Item #BHQ-49520


  • Length:5.91"
  • Diameter:0.55"
  • Material:Titanium
  • Color:Gray
  • Weight:2.07 oz.
  • Ink Cartridge:Fisher SPR4
  • Ink Color:Black
  • Mechanism:Cap
  • Brand:Boker Plus
  • Model:MPP
  • Country of Origin:China
  • Product Type:Pen


This MPP model is made from lightweight, durable titanium.

The Boker Multi-Purpose Pen MPP is a high-quality writing instrument. The MPP can also be used with a touch pad as a stylus. In the event of an emergency situation, you can use the built-in glass breaker. Another benefit of this versatile product is as a Kubaton. Comes with a pocket clip. The MPP is compatible with Fisher Space Pen refills #PR4.


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Nice pen but major flaws
f h.
I got this pen because it has a cap, and is long enought to be comfortable in the hand. it come in a nice gift box. However htere is no manual wiht it. At first I had a hardtime finding out how too open the ink cardtrige. The cap unscrew as a regular thread (counter-clockwise), the body unscrew the opposite (clockwise). There is an O-ring that close hte body of the pen where the cardtrige is. To keep it close or to avoid ink flowing in case of a leak. I don't know but it is noce. I was surprised how heavy it is for titanium, but this provide a solid feel in the hand. The body tip is very agressive. I did cut it off to make it rounder since I do not need it for defence. I do like the carbide tip on the cap. This section above hte pocket clip can be taken appart. Color is not as shiny as the picture shows. The picture shows like a silver/aluminum color. To me it is a little darker, satin finish, which I like. it is a discrete pen but still get notice whne lying on a table. The groove in the body provide nice grip both while writing and holding it. Now the bad: the pocket clip has some sharp edge. Not cutting sharp but sharp enought that it may damaged clothing after multiple use. I used a diamond file to smooth edgee. Also the cap with the carbid tip does come loose easliy. The section of the pocket clip that goes under the carbide cap is not perfectly flat and leave a hair thick gap. I wished the finishing was flatter to avoid the gap. I try to flatten it with a hammer on an anvil. got the gap almost closed. Now the very bad: the screw cap did got stuck a couple time in the closed position. When I say stuck, it was stuck to the point I could not open it with my hands. I tried with silicon trivet to get better grip, use leather piece and pliers but no luck. I had to lock the pen in a vise and use a plier to force the cap open. Results is I damaged the body. deep gouges that I had to smooth sharp edges with sand paper and file. On the second time, I use a diamond stick sharpner to smooth the thread for the cap, and contact point to avoid future lock. So far it has not locked. This is the reason I gave a 2 stars. After a week it was useless unless I had a vise availble. I believe it was a machining defect but this is not a cheap pen and I had higher expectation. I might got a defective pen. But beside the issue of locking cap, It is a very nice pen.