Bradley Kimura Butterfly Balisong Spear Point Knife OD Green G-10 (154CM) BCC901

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  • Overall Length:8.88"
  • Blade Length:3.88"
  • Cutting Edge:3.50"
  • Blade Width:0.88"
  • Blade Thickness:0.12"
  • Blade Material:154CM
  • Blade Style:Spear Point
  • Blade Grind:Flat
  • Finish:Bead Blast
  • Edge Type:Plain
  • Handle Length:5.00"
  • Handle Width:1.00"
  • Handle Thickness:0.54"
  • Handle Material:G-10
  • Color:OD Green
  • Frame/Liner:Stainless Steel
  • Weight:5.98 oz.
  • Knife Type:Butterfly
  • Brand:Bradley
  • Model:Kimura
  • Model Number:BCC901
  • Country of Origin:USA
  • Best Use:Everyday Carry, Recreation
  • Product Type:Knife


Bradley Kimura butterfly knives made a comeback at Blade Show 2018! This model has OD green G-10 scales and a 154CM stainless steel spear point blade. The latch is reversible so you can adjust the knife to your flipping preference. It can be taken apart with a few torx bits for easy maintenance.


  • 154CM steel for terrific edge retention and corrosion resistance.
  • G-10 handle scales that offer excellent grip.
  • Engraved blade with "Bradley Cutlery" and "First Production Run".


Customer Reviews

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Undersold, overdelivered
Kieran R.
I love this knife! Granted it might be because it is my first live bladed bali, but that does not retract from the fact that it is a great flipper. it is extremely well balanced and just seems to know what I want it to do. I saw a lot of reviews for this knife explaining multiple things wrong with it, such as the pivot screws being different sizes (which can be a bit annoying but is overall not much of a problem.) but my main issue with this is that the "looseness" of the handles are different. I don't know if it is just because the bite handle is heavier because of the latch or if it's the screws, but the bite handle is way looser than the safe handle, no matter how much I loosen it,it is always the same. its not terribly tensioned but now that I know about it I wont be able to unsee it.
The blade was extremely sharp out of the box, in fact I cut a chunk out of my pinky less than 15 minutes after getting it. but I'm not the hugest fan of the blade itself. I've had it for more than two weeks and am still paranoid that I'll drop it and ruin the tip.
overall: great knife! would recommend for a person looking for their first live blade. few issues that will probably be fixed in the general run.
Needs love
Steven K.
I feel that the people giving this below 3 stars didn't take the time to break it it. After flipping this knife for about a day, it worked beautifully. I have never handled any other kimuras, so I can't compare it to its predecessors. I have flipped other good and bad balisongs, so I can say that for what you pay for, it is not bad. Some people think that if a bali isn't the best, then it's the worst. But the new kimura is as good as you can get in that price range.
Pretty good for $120
Joshua H.
Wanted to try a heavier flipper coming from a 51 morpho. Not really any QC issues besides tang pins being slightly off. A little stiff out of the box but loosened up nice and flips well. Will be keeping this knife.
Not Great
Jeff S.
Like others, mine has problems. Came with almost stripped screw on bite handle (pivot).

Tang pins are not even, length differs from side to side which looks strange.

Also came very tight, unable to flip easy yet screws are not snug and cannot adjust it properly.
I do like the g10, knife came clean and blade is sharp.

Overall kinda missed the mark here I might return.
Stripped Torx
Thomas E.
Had a slightly stripped torx head on the bite side pivot. Oil and debris spread about, off center tang pin and one of the handle fasteners was stripped into the hole as it is obviously crooked and not fully seated. Looks like one of the pivot washers is also deformed and appears to be preventing solid contact between handle and blade and could be a source for the slightly sloppy handle play.

On the fence about returning it, probably still the best you can get for around $100.
Pretty decent bali
John A.
This knife flips pretty well, there are a few draw backs though. Because this knife doesn't run on bushings or bearings, and it doesn't have zen pins, it is easy to pinch the blade. Also, the thickness of the blade plus the washers is way thicker than the barrel spacers, which makes it kinda stiff. Another weird thing is the fact that the pivot screw on the bite handle is t8, and the one on the safe handle is t10!? I do really like the feel of the handles though, and all the hardware is super solid. Overall, I like it and would recommend it. I did do a review of it on YouTube with a little more detail, here's the link if you'd like to know more about it:
Not the Kimura You Remember
Colin G.
I jumped at the chance for a first production run for the return of the Kimura. There have been several reports of QC issues (misaligned tang pins, covered in oil, bad play). Mine personally was covered in oil and manufacturing debris, but nothing too glaring other than a stripped screw.

It looks like a Kimura, its a bit heavy to feel like a Kimura, and I haven't yet been able to successfully break in the handles to test if it flips like a Kimura yet, but I did find one issue that might be a cause:

**BUYER BE WARNED** - this run of Kimura's, while maintaining the Bradley Cutlery name, was manufactured by BearOps (Bear & Son, whatever you want to call it).

This is not the Kimura you remember because its a Kimura design manufactured by Bear, which is known for shoddy manufacturing standards and producing subpar flippers. If I had known it was from Bear, I would not have bought.

That being said, it is still largely a classic Kimura design. It may not be the gold standard we all remember, but its a decent piece, probably worth the money (for vanity more than anything), but I think I'll keep it. Do what you will.
Great Follow-Up to the Kimura V
Jacob S.
I have had a Bradley Kimura 5 for over 5 years now. Great knife to practice balisong tricks with. When I saw this new version, I had to get it! It adds some better grip with the G10 scales and maintains the nice spear point of the older kimura. Improved steel over the old version and maintains the same tight feel that you just don't get in other balisong brands like benchmade.
Not bad for $120
Michael G.
My kimura had the following issues upon receipt:

1. a g10 scale not fully tightened down
2. uneven tang pins
3. super liberally applied loctite, some snuck in the washer area
4.One pivot screw is T8 the other is T10.

I was able to fix everything except points 2 and 4 by myself. I mean mismatched pivot screw sizes is a ridiculous QC issue.

It's a little tank though. It has some extra handle weight but it still flips alright. Makes for a great starter bali for flipping, or a beater. Or even a great EDC. Latch comes off alpha beast style with one screw. All that said I'm going to keep this one.

Hopefully subsequent runs fix the issues noted above though. Time will tell on overall durability.