Buck Knives EdgeTek Steel 6.5" Sharpener (750 Grit) 97079-B

The EdgeTek Steel 6.5" sharpener from Buck Knives offers a slightly more compact tool with a 100% diamond coated surface and oval contour for sharpening a wide variety of blade edges. It is lightweight (3.1 oz.) and perfect for storage in a kitchen drawer or toolbox. It is designed to handle a variety of blade geometries to cover just about any blade. Made in the USA.

750 Medium Grit

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  • Brand: Buck Knives
  • Length: 6.50"
  • Width: 0.50"
  • Material: Diamond Coated
  • Type: Rod
  • Model: EdgeTek
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Product Type: Sharpener

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