CRKT El Santo Emergency Trauma Shears Multi-Tool Scissors 5007

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  • Overall Length:8.25"
  • Blade Length:3.84"
  • Weight:5.90 oz.
  • Brand:CRKT
  • Model:El Santo
  • Model Number:5007
  • Country of Origin:China
  • Product Type:Scissors


Like a saint, the El Santo™ emergency trauma shears don't just cut, they're an ambidextrous multi-tool that breaks glass, opens oxygen tanks and saves time. Designed by Michael Martinez in response to a trauma surgeon's request, the El Santo is an evolution of standard emergency shears.

The El Santo is outfitted with a variety of cutting tools to accommodate the unpredictable nature of emergency situations. It has a removable and replaceable ripping blade with a small serration that enables you to tear through corded leather, nylon or belts. The lengthened shear blades have a tapered, non-puncture porpoise nose that easily slips under clothing and provides increased leverage. With the handle closed around your belt and the blade lock secured, you're a force for good.

*Product materials not suited to tolerate the Autoclave sterilization process.


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