Chris Reeve Knives Small Sebenza Titanium Clip Insert

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  • Brand: Chris Reeve Knives
  • Product Type: Replacement Part

Titanium clip insert for your Small Sebenza 21. If you're looking to use the leather pouch for pocket carry, then you'll appreciate this insert. Simply remove pocket clip and replace with insert.

Customer Reviews

Order the large for both Inkosi models
Christopher C. on May 23, 2019

This insert leaves the same small gap on both the large and small Inkosi models. It still looks better than nothing but the large Sebenza insert fits both Inkosi models properly. I imagine true fans would know but I didn't. The insert itself is a perfect match on texture and materials. As Tom S. has stated, it starts off a different hue but ends up matching in no time.

I was upset but, I feel better now.
Tom S. on Jul 1, 2018

When I removed the pocket clip on my small Sebenza, the hole exposed was unsightly so I was glad that CRK offered an insert. I wasn't happy that it cost $15 and more dismayed when the color was lighter than the knife. I had composed a response to CRK with my displeasure. The next day I noticed the insert had begun to darken and now blends with the scale, so all is right with the world. I'm glad I never sent my complaint, it would have been embarrassing.

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