Cold Steel Magnum Warcraft Tanto Knife Fixed Blade (12" Black CPM-3V) 13TXL

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  • Overall Length:17.00"
  • Blade Length:12.00"
  • Blade Thickness:0.20"
  • Blade Material:CPM-3V
  • Blade Style:Tanto
  • Blade Grind:Hollow
  • Finish:Black
  • Edge Type:Plain
  • Handle Length:5.00"
  • Handle Material:G-10
  • Color:Black
  • Weight:1 lb. 2.00 oz.
  • Sheath:Molded Polymer
  • Knife Type:Fixed Blade
  • Brand:Cold Steel
  • Model:Warcraft Tanto
  • Model Number:13TXL
  • Best Use:Tactical
  • Country of Origin:USA
  • Product Type:Knife


The Warcraft Magnum Tanto is the bigger, badder brother of the Cold Steel Magnum Tanto. A whole 4-1/2" longer, the Magnum Tanto is designed to soak up punishment while delivering unprecedented performance. With it's tough reinforced tip, elegantly curved cutting edge and sturdy one-piece construction, the DLC finished blade features premium CPM-3V steel with a flat ground primary cutting edge. The taper-ground full tang handle is encased in 3D machined American G10 scales, making it comfortable and secure in hand.

The Cold Steel Warcraft Magnum Tanto comes with the Secure-Ex sheath, compatible with Tek-Lok belt adapters.


Customer Reviews

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Sharp Blade, Poor Balance and Handling
Lyle K.
I just received this Magnum 12" Warcraft Tanto a few days ago and let me give you what I think that's beyond the obvious like super great steel, great out of box sharpness and tacticool as heck, etc.

I am not quite satisfied with a blade of this price range.

The reason is solely due to the balance and the handle. Out of the box, knife in hand it immediately feels like a chopper. That is, it feels blade-heavy, that the point of balance is weighed a little forward on the blade than I would like. This results in a knife that feels like a sharpened crowbar and not agile. Holding it in the hand I don't have the greatest confidence in that it would perform well in a combat situation, not that it wouldn't do damage, no it would do great damage if you can connect, but if you had an opponent with a much faster blade s/he will have the upper hand on you. You can use it to chop wood, but you can get much better choppers designed for chopping at less than 1/2 the cost! Another thought on the balance and handle issue is that they've just reused the handle design from the shorter 5" Warcraft Tanto. The balance probably is great on that one given the blade to handle length ratio... just not on this 12" blade one where the blade is FAR longer and you have the same handle meant for a 5" blade. Thus, the reason for this imbalance can be summed in that that the tang/handle length is designed for a 5-7" blade and the fact that the tang itself is tapered (gets thinner) as it goes through the handle, to save costs and move the balance forward perhaps?

The other complaint I have is related to aforementioned point: The handle sucks. The G10 handle feels slippery and very tough on the hand. The finger grooves don't add extra traction and instead makes the grip feel really weird. The shape of the handle is also more square and less ovoid than I would like, thus making it not nearly as comfortable to grip as, for example, a Krayton handle, or a Kershaw Camp series, or a ChanceInHell machete's handle. Reverse/hammer grip gives the same awkward feeling in the hand.
For a 250$ knife, grip ergonomics should be knocked out of the park well, so I'm both a bit surprised and dissapointed that no innovations were had on the handle design and they basically just tried to make it look 'cool'.

In summary: Blade looks cool, sharp and made of great steel. Balance is forward-heavy like a chopper and thus feels slow in the hand. Handle is terrible both by the design and the material used so it is not ergonomic, hard to grip and tends to slip out/give hot spots and the tang is designed for a blade much shorter in length than this one thus causing balance issues.

Overall I'm mediocrely impressed w/ this knife but at this price point I cannot wholeheartedly recommend this knife.
A bargain in 3V
Gary B.
This is a big, bad, well made piece of very sharp 3V. You can't go wrong at this price.