Douglass Field S Lighter Waterproof Japan (Diamond Cut Ribbed)

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Douglass Field S Lighter Waterproof Japan (Diamond Cut Ribbed)
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Item #BHQ-22709


  • Height:3.00"
  • Width:1.00"
  • Thickness:0.65"
  • Material:Brass
  • Color:Gray
  • Weight:2.35 oz.
  • Brand:Douglass
  • Model:Field S
  • Country of Origin:Japan
  • Product Type:Lighter


This handcrafted Field Lighter from Douglass is different than your standard mass production lighters. High precision and expertly crafted with an eye to detail, this lighter features a waterproof case with multiple o-ring seals. Unlike most lighters, the Field Lighter's fuel won't evaporate in a few weeks time, it last up to a year without evaporating. It has a water-tight mechanism over the wick so that when you lift up the screw-in lock and tighten, it completely seals up the ignition and the flint wheel. The lighter is designed to be safely used even when it is slightly wet or previously immersed.

An additional feature of the Douglass Field Light is a threaded cap at the base of the tank with a small storage capacity for emergency reserve fuel. The cap is sealed with yet another cap that unscrews to reveal a spare flint rod!

Refillable oil lighter.


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Very reliable...
Aaron P.
Bought this lighter a while back. I occasionally enjoy a cigarette or two with it, but I rarely smoke. I kept this thing out in the heat of the hot summer months inside of my Wrangler. Temps reached above 120 on a normal basis. Why am I telling you this? I'm telling you all of that because most lighters would have been bone dry and would have never lit. However, unscrew the seal on this lighter and give it a flick and it lights right up on the first strike every time. I totally can see how they (Douglas Studios) have done tests and they were able to use it after a year since filling it with fluid. Quick note--the flicking action does require a little break-in period. Once you've broken it in, you should have no problem having it light up on the first flick. Noteworthy is the fact I own a TiSurvival's about 3x the price...great lighter, but I prefer the Douglas