Flytanium Custom Carbon Fiber Scales for Kershaw Skyline Folding Knife

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Item #BHQ-49754


  • Length:4.25"
  • Thickness:0.10", 0.125"
  • Material:Carbon Fiber
  • Color:Black
  • Brand:Flytanium
  • Country of Origin:China
  • Product Type:Scale/Handle


These carbon fiber scales from Flytanium are a perfect fit for the Kershaw Skyline flipper. The result is a set of scales that fit perfectly and add even more class to this classic folding knife.

Like the original G-10, these scales have been milled to accommodate the reversible tip-up/down carry option.

Disclaimer: Use proper tools and technique. There are many small parts and pieces on the Skyline. Disassemble at your own risk.


Customer Reviews

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Disappointment when compared to the picture... :-/
Brandon D.
No doubt these scales still look way better then the OEM g10 scales.The machining is right on point so the the knife functions exactly as it should.

What upsets me is that there is a completely different carbon fiber fabric being used in my example. I have worked with carbon fiber and fiberglass on surf boards many times. What I know is that just like a lower thread count and more simply weaved fabric in a set of bed sheets for example will indicate the cheaper fabric, so too is it with different carbon fibers. The pattern of my carbon fiber scales are diamond not rectangular but what's but more disappointing is how much more corse the fabric used in my example is then the representation in the picture. It's not so extreme as comparing a burlap sack next to Egyptian cotton sheets but my example clearly has a lower count and a more simple pattern. I also do not care for the flat finish, for its purpose as a gentlemans carry, I feel that the Carbon Fiber should have way more bling from a good polish.

Two Stars: Minus one star for the flat sand finish, minus a half star for the lower thread count and different pattern of weeve (functionally it makes little to no difference and the diamond pattern is still pretty cool too) but minus an extra one and a half star for the the inaccurate representation.

This product should be five stars but looses out alot for lack attention to detail.