Flytanium V6 Custom Titanium Scales for Benchmade 51 Balisong Knife - Solid SW

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  • Material:Titanium
  • Brand:Flytanium
  • Product Type:Replacement Part


Flytanium custom titanium scales turn your Benchmade 51 butterfly knife into a fantastic one! These aftermarket custom milled titanium handles are a perfect fit to replace the standard G10 ones and add the perfect amount of weight for prime flipping. The scales feature a solid design with ergonomically chamfered edges. These feel fantastic in the hand and the quality is superb. A beautiful stonewash finish rounds out the look!

The added weight of the titanium scales does wonders for flipping dynamics and offers a more substantial feel. Overall, we are super pleased with these custom titanium scales for the 51 from Flytanium and sure you will be too!

Please Note: Benchmade's Warranty does not cover disassembly of any knife by any person other than Benchmade’s Warranty department. Installation of the scales requires some basic tools and knowledge. The 51 has many small pieces, so please use caution.


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adds some nice weight
Allen M.
These scales look and feel brilliant. The fit is perfect and I personally admire the hole-less "clean" look. With aesthetics comes weight, though. Flipping action can be semi-choppy sometimes, but rollovers are virtually effortless. I prefer the added weight as it suits my flipping style.
really makes a difference.
Zack D.
These scales are outstanding, they look amazing and they feel so smooth and flush. The flipping when these are installed feel, it's hard to describe but they feel smooth, but can be a bit choppy. I definitely recommend NOT keeping the latch on, it really makes it feel weird... the pocket clip doesnt make much of a difference and its a hassle to take out of the equation completely. Definitely pick a set of these up if you want flyti.