FrogLube CLP 4 oz. Premium Cleaner Kit

The FrogLube 4 oz. Cleaner Kit includes a 4 oz. bottle of FrogLube CLP, 4 oz. container of FrogLube CLP Paste, cleaning brush, and buffing cloth.

FrogLube Premium is a bio-based cleaner, lubricant, and protectant. It is the first truly Green firearms product of its kind. It out performs its traditional petroleum-based counterparts. Extensively field tested in various types of fire-arms, this 'food-grade' product is non-toxic, safe to handle, and can be deposed of without hazard.

No jams. No rust. All natural and 100% safe!

Made in the USA

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  • Brand: FrogLube
  • Product Type: Lubricant

Customer Reviews

Great stuff.
Matthew B. on Jan 5, 2018

Bought this kit a few years ago and I still have over half of the product left. A little goes a long way and this stuff works great and smells great too.

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