GiantMouse Vox/Anso ACE Biblio Flipper Knife Carbon Fiber (2.9" Satin M390)

  • Bohler M390 blade steel with a satin finish.
  • Flipper tab and thumb hole opener.
  • Black carbon fiber handle handle.
  • Stainless steel, satin finished liner lock.
  • Reversible, wire pocket clip for tip-up carry.


The Biblio is a stout EDC folder in the GiantMouse ACE Line. Building on the design of the popular GM1, this knife is a capable flipper that delivers solid cutting performance in outdoor and urban environments alike. Its handle is ergonomically contoured. The blade is made from quality steel with a thin flat grind and a fine cutting edge for easy slicing. The design with dual choils and a section of jimping mid-spine allow acute blade control and grip security.

Interested in seeing more of the GiantMouse Biblio Flipper knife? This folder has epic handle and blade finishes coupled with new and modern materials.

Item #BHQ-87523
Our Price: $190.00
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Customer Reviews

Best knife, super tight!
Jacob T. on Mar 15, 2019

I have had this knife for awhile and love it. M390 is still sharp and working like a champ. Ergos are perfect for a medium size hand. I would recommend this to anyone. The carbon fiber scales are sick butttt....When the micarta come in stock, I’ll buy another without hesitation.

Great Knife!
Hank F. on Jan 15, 2019

Great EDC knife. Outstanding steel, outstanding fit and finish, and outstanding feel in the hand.

4 1/2 stars would be accurate
john h. on Feb 10, 2019

This has quickly become my favorite EDC. As for the comments about flipping, mine is now perfect after a touch of lube and use. I sat around flipping for a night or two and now it is perfect yet still no blade play. The only thing keeping this from perfection is the weight. If they would put a skeletonize titanium line on this it would be PURE BLISS. Perhaps an idea for a future sprint?

It's awesome
Nadeem H. on Jan 18, 2019

The carbon fiber looks amazing and it feels so good in the hand. My came with a little scratch mark, but that's okay. My main complaint is that it's not that great as a flipper. Other than that it's great. Very thin behind the edge for cutting and the choil offers great control.

So close to perfection.
David J. on Jan 15, 2019

Blade is fantastic. Ergos are great. Size is very good, maybe a touch thick in the pocket for some, but the ergos are better due to that. The rounded scales really make it feel thinner than it is in the pocket. The only problem with mine is that the action/detent is not good for a flipper. It is nice and smooth when opening via the thumb hole, but the detent isn't strong enough or the bearings aren't free enough for it to flip open consistently without a good deal of wrist flick. It isn't the end of the world, but I have to dock a * because of it. If you like to fidget with your flipper knives you will be frustrated unless mine is an exception (I tried taking mine apart and oiling it up and it didn't make a significant difference).

Poor quality
Brian C. on Jan 27, 2019

Mine came with scratches and voids in the carbon fiber scales, and the show side scale doesn't match up with the liner it's supposed to mate with. Very dissapointed! .... Buyer beware!

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