Benchmade Pen Grey/Blue Aluminum w/ Carbide Tip (Blue Ink) 1101-1

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Item #BHQ-5073


  • Brand:Benchmade
  • Color:Black
  • Ink Color:Blue
  • Model:Aluminum Pen
  • Length:5.375"
  • Diameter:0.50"
  • Material:Aluminum
  • Weight:1.30 oz.
  • Mechanism:Cap
  • Country of Origin:USA
  • Product Type:Pen


Benchmade Info:
• Ergonomic Knurled Pattern Provides Superior Grip and Comfortable Texturing
• All Surfaces Have Been Anodized for Both Appearance and Wear
• CNC Machined Body, Cap and Pen Grip. Charcoal gray anodized finish.
• Non-Reflective Components for Tactical Applications
• Ink Cartridges Manufactured for Benchmade by Fisher Pen Company
• BP-1 Coated Stainless Pen Clip (removable).
• Cap snaps securely both open and closed with internal O-ring fitting.
Measures 5.3" in overall length.

Customer Reviews

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Very Nice Pen
Alex M.
This is not my first “tactical” pen, I have a TiBolt, CRKT, and some others. The quality of this pen is great, the finish is perfectly smooth, the anodization is very consitent and beautiful and The clip is nice and sturdy. The cap is a snap on/off style, not a screw on, this might be the only thing that some will not like. I dont mind it and its a very solid snap that holds strong.

If you read the one star review and are worried about “dents” in the side of the clip, those are not dents. Those are small hard to see marks left from the stamping process which is how these clips are made. You will see these on any knife/pen that doesn’t have custom clip or has not been sanded.

This is an awesome pen that can break glass and take a beating. I would recommend it.
Where's the Benchmade build quality?
Khiem David T.
Hey guys,

this is my first tactical pen and my first review on BladeHQ.
I wish I had a better rating but I am a little bit disappointed with this pen.

Let me just quickly say that I've only started carrying pocket knives this year, for utility and for self-defense; I always have a Fox Dart Karambit in my front pocket. No problem on casual dressing but I just couldn't figure out how to carry it comfortably with business clothes.

Hence the tactical pen.

Overall I actually like the pen. It is light and seems well balance and it has a nice sharp carbide tip without looking too agressive. The aluminum actually looks quite strong.
I have yet to try and write with it but at least it holds great in my hand.
Basically anyone glancing at it will just think it's a regular pen.

Where I'm disappointed is with the details. I mean, it is a Benchmade, a 100+ pen and yet straight out of the box, I could see some dents on the side of the clip (and I mean a lot) and well as on the pen itself.

And while the cap seems to hold correctly in place, it is a little loose and will rotate too much for my taste.

For the intended purposes, writing, self-defense and glass-breaking, I'm sure it will fullfill my needs.

I just wish there had been a better attention into details in quality control.