Guyot Designs Splashguard Black Skull & Crossbones

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Item #BHQ-25019


  • Brand:Guyot
  • Model:Splashguard
  • Product Type:Utensil


Wide-mouthed water bottles are awesome, EXCEPT when try to take a drink and get splashed down the front. Nothing is worse than wearing your beverage. So try this instead: the Splash Guard bottle top prevents splashing and protects you from an unexpected bath. The unique design fits wide-mouthed bottles made by Nalgene, GSI, Cyclone, and Bison. It's made out of food grade silicone rubber it won't trap odors or tastes, it can be easily sterilized in boiling water. The Splash Guard fits snug inside the mouth of your bottle so your lid can still be secured. Easy to use and to remove for cleaning.


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