Hinderer Knives Aluminum Investigator Pen (Matte OD Green)

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Item #BHQ-27771


  • Length:4.375"
  • Diameter:0.37"
  • Material:Aluminum
  • Weight:0.70 oz.
  • Ink Color:Black
  • Ink Cartridge:Fisher SPR4
  • Brand:Hinderer
  • Country of Origin:USA
  • Color:OD Green
  • Model:Investigator
  • Mechanism:Cap
  • Product Type:Pen


This Investigator Pen model features an OD green anodized 6061-T6 aluminum body.

The Investigator Pen is a compact self-defense implement from Hinderer Knives. It is a smaller sized tactical pen for more discreet carry but with the toughness and styling cues of his kubaton and Extreme Duty pens for a firm grip when used in a CQB role. The Investigator Pen has a threaded bullet tip that is part of the modular design so that it can be customized with other attachments to fit the user's specific needs. The threads for the cap and bullet are course and tall to handle hard strikes. The Investigator Pen uses a replaceable Fisher Space Pen cartridge.


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Super light and great size... there is a but.
Richard K.
I got this mode in the green because I like green and I wanted to try out something from Rick Hinder to see what his quality was like. well it's very well done. The green is solid throughout the pen. With Aluminum anodizing green is not easy and getting the cap, body and ink cap to all match is kind of a challenge I feel Rick did very well. I know that is why the green is $70 where the blue and red are $55 and $60. So here is where the one star drop comes from. in the pictures there's his company name on the pen. I would have liked that to be on mine. The only way anyone knows what brand this pen is, is if I tell them. Feels like he just quit caring about his products after his knives topped out. or maybe this one is just a fluke. second is for $70 it should have come with the bullet tip and the glass breaker. what would it cost him to put that in with the pen $10-15 so raise the cost of the pen $10-15 at the $70 cost point whats $10-15 gonna make if you are giving the customer a choice.

So if you want a bad ass pen that is made very well and weights next to nothing, want it in green and don't mind that Hinder will not be on it. Or even better yet don't want Hinder on it. this is the pen for you. if you want one and don't want green grab up one of the $55 modes. I am ordering one grey to keep at the office as it is a great pen.