Kershaw Emerson Tactical Kit CQC-4K-BW + Tactical Pen 6054KITX

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  • Overall Length (CQC-4K Knife):7.375"
  • Blade Length (CQC-4K Knife):3.25"
  • Blade Thickness (CQC-4K Knife):0.12"
  • Blade Material (CQC-4K Knife):8Cr14MoV
  • Blade Style (CQC-4K Knife):Spear Point
  • Blade Grind (CQC-4K Knife):Hollow
  • Finish (CQC-4K Knife):Black Stonewash
  • Edge Type (CQC-4K Knife):Plain
  • Handle Length (CQC-4K Knife):4.125"
  • Handle Thickness (CQC-4K Knife):0.45"
  • Handle Material (CQC-4K Knife):G-10
  • Color:Black
  • Frame/Liner (CQC-4K Knife):Stainless Steel
  • Weight (CQC-4K Knife):4.10 oz.
    Weight (Tactical Pen):1.16 oz.
  • User (CQC-4K Knife):Right Hand, Left Hand
  • Pocket Clip (CQC-4K Knife):Tip-Up
  • Knife Type (CQC-4K Knife):Manual
  • Opener (CQC-4K Knife):Thumb Disk, Wave Opener
  • Lock Type (CQC-4K Knife):Frame Lock
  • Brand:Kershaw
  • Model (CQC-4K Knife):CQC-4K-BW
    Model (Tactical Pen):Tactical Kit Pen
  • Model Number:6054KITX
  • Designer (CQC-4K Knife):Ernest Emerson
  • Country of Origin:China
  • Best Use (CQC-4K Knife):Tactical
  • Product Type (CQC-4K Knife):Knife
    Product Type (Tactical Pen):Pen
  • Length (Tactical Pen):5.80"
  • Diameter (Tactical Pen):0.58"
  • Material (Tactical Pen):Aluminum
  • Ink Color (Tactical Pen):Black
  • Mechanism (Tactical Pen):Twist


The Tactical Kit includes the popular Kershaw/Emerson CQC-4K model and a Tactical Pen.

Designed by Ernie Emerson, built by Kershaw. The CQC-4K BW knife is a manual opening folder with a thumb disk and Emerson's Wave Opening feature. The blade and framelock are SmokeWash finished and the handle scale is black G-10. Includes reversible pocket clip with Emerson Skull logo.

The Tactical Pen is made from lightweight, high-strength aluminum and sports a BlackWash finish. It has a replaceable ink cartridge and twist operation.


Customer Reviews

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Great beater knife
Jeremy s.
Came reasonably sharp, no blade play, great pocket clip, I love the wave feature. Wish it had a better steel but can't complain for the price. The pen needs a clip.
Knife poor in comparison to XL
Arthur S.
I have the larger version of the 4k and it is great. I usually like larger knives(big hands) but tried this due to the great price.

The action on this knife is very poor, super stiff. The shape is about all the knives have in common. You can wave it if the fabric of your pants is tough enough. On loose fitting shorts, it tries to take your pocket with it. Forget opening it with the thumb disk.

The pen is OK, Seems solid enough to use as a kubaton.
It's ok
Leland B.
The knife is ok. I bought the kit because it was cheap and wanted to play around with the Emerson WAV opener before I spent more on a better one. Blade came pretty dull, needs to be sharpened out of the box. Pen is worthless without a pocket clip. I guess if you want a loose length of cheap aluminum sliding around in your pocket all day it's ok, but I don't. Tac pens are a little silly if you're already carrying a blade, but if you can't carry a blade for whatever reason and choose to carry a tac pen, this is not the one to pick.
Just fair
Paul W.
For the sale price, I guess its a good deal. New out of the package, it was about as dull as it could get, like someone had been cutting up cardboard all day. Quality is ok, not as substantial as I had imagined, but I have several actual Emerson's, so I was probably expecting to much. Still, it should have been sharpened inexpensive steel at least.
The pen is pretty useless to me, NO pocket clip, and its shape would end up spearing you in the leg or poking holes in your clothing if you placed it in your pocket. But for $24 for this stuff, oh well.
First quality EDC
Brandon T.
Pen writes just fine and feels good in hand. The design isn't entirely subtle but that's fine for me.

The handle has a nice grip to it so it won't slip around in your hand. Love the wave opener of course. Blade looks nice and cuts like a charm. I can't say that I'm a fan of the thumb disk, but I've never had a knife with one so I just had to try it out. Also my knife is excessively stiff, I'm working on loosening it up a bit, but it takes quite a bit of force to get the blade out. Overall, good quality for the price and I'll definitely be using this for my EDC from now on.
Decent combo
James K.
Pen is nice but I don't like how it doesn't have a pocket clip because I lost mine because it slipped out of my pocket and I didn't notice. Also I'm not a fan of the wave feature as it gives the blade way to much back and forth play because in order to use the wave the blade needs to be loose but it being lose creates blade play.
Joe F.
Love the wave opener on the knife. Pen writes great and could be used as a weapon if need be.
Good starter knife
Tyler K.
The pen works and could be used as an impact weapon. The knife feels great. Good ergos and has a sturdy feel to it. This would bee good to give to someone as a little gift set.
Great budget blade.
Kevin W.
I have to say that I am very impressed with this knife. Especially for the price point. I use it daily. It's not my "go to" EDC knife, but I sure do beat the hell out of it on a daily basis. I bought this package, not so much for the pen but, to have a knife that I can drop, scratch, chip, etc.. And not care. Well, I have dropped it. I have scratched it. I have chipped it. And, it still does the job. Great entry level blade to get used to before opening your wallet and stepping up to the true Emerson lineup. This one has definitely found a permanent place in my EDC rotation amongst my Benchmade and kizers.