KAI Wasabi Black Knife Set w/ Wood Block (10 Piece) WBS1010

4" Paring Knife (6710P) 4" Paring Knife (6710P)
6" Utility Knife (6715U) 6" Utility Knife (6715U)
8" Chef's Knife (6720C) 8" Chef's Knife (6720C)
9" Bread Knife (6723B) 9" Bread Knife (6723B)
6.5" Santoku (6716S) 6.5" Santoku (6716S)
6.5" Nakiri (6716N) 6.5" Nakiri (6716N)
9.5" Yanagiba (6724Y) 9.5" Yanagiba (6724Y)
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  • Product Type:Knife Set


If you love to cook, your kitchen just isn't complete without Kershaw's KAI Wasabi Black knife set. From specialty knives like the Nakiri to must-haves like the 8-inch Chef's knife, this set has the knives that will help make your time in the kitchen a pleasure. The set comes in its own laminated bamboo block with extra open slots so you can continue to expand your collection.

Set Includes:
  • 4" Paring knife
  • 6" Utility knife
  • 8" Chef's knife
  • 6 ˝" Santoku
  • 8" Yanagiba
  • 9" Bread knife
  • 6 ˝" Nakiri
  • Kitchen shears
  • Honing Steel
  • 11-slot bamboo block

About the KAI Wasabi Black Series
The original Wasabi series featured traditional Japanese single-bevel blade styling for precision cutting. Our Wasabi Black series retains those classic styles, but adds a selection of double-beveled European blade styles—including a Paring knife, Utility knife, Chef's knife and Bread knife. All Wasabi blades are made of Daido 1K6 high-carbon stainless steel for superior sharpness and edge retention. The blades are graze-finished for a beautiful, brushed-look. The knives are completed with smooth, black polypropylene handles, giving them a very contemporary look and feel.

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