Kershaw Launch 1 Automatic Knife Black Aluminum (3.4" BlackWash) 7100BW

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  • Overall Length:8.00"
  • Blade Length:3.375"
  • Cutting Edge:3.50"
  • Blade Thickness:0.12"
  • Blade Material:CPM-154
  • Blade Style:Clip Point
  • Blade Grind:Flat
  • Finish:Black Stonewash
  • Edge Type:Plain
  • Handle Length:4.625"
  • Handle Thickness:0.47"
  • Handle Material:Aluminum
  • Color:Black
  • Weight:3.95 oz.
  • User:Right Hand, Left Hand
  • Pocket Clip:Tip-Up
  • Opener:Push Button
  • Lock Type:Plunge Lock
  • Brand:Kershaw
  • Model:Launch
  • Model Number:7100BW
  • Country of Origin:USA
  • Knife Type:Automatic
  • Best Use:Everyday Carry
  • Product Type:Knife


Kershaw's most recent automatic knife offering, the Launch Series, is simply superb. These knives have a compelling design, fast action, high-performance materials, and they're made in the USA!

Each of the Launch models features a stylish and unique integral backspacer pattern where the two pieces of aluminum connect and the USA flag is laser-engraved on the back side of the handle. In tandem with the reversible tip-up carry pocket clip, the Kershaw Launch 1 model is outfitted with a pass-through hole hidden at the base on the handle for lanyard attachment.

This Kershaw Launch 1 has a BlackWash finished CPM-154 steel blade and black anodized aluminum handle. The firing button on this knife has a catchy bulls-eye ring pattern with a bold red accent.


Customer Reviews

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US made magic
jamel B.
I have truly been a kershaw fan for years, weather it be there budget friendly models or the always sweet Zero Tolerance line, but this knife is so smooth so snappy so Razer sharp that i have to own the whole line off Kershaw Launch Autos. If you dont have one get one asap its worth every dollar.
Best EDC Auto!
Tina H.
Let me just start by saying this knife is phenomenal. I purchased this knife about a year and a half ago and it was my primary EDC for nearly a year. It’s blackwash finish has held up incredibly and still looks great. The blade shape is well suited for EDC tasks such as breaking down boxes, opening mail and pretty much everything else you throw at it. The only thing I wouldn’t use this knife for is food prep, the blackwash coating can rub off onto food and I would prefer not to eat black oxide. My only complaint was that after about 8 months the spring broke, I think I just had a bad spring. I sent it to Kershaw and they fixed right up, they also sent my knife back shaving sharp. I would highly recommend this knife to everyone!
Big N Snappy
Ryan W.
The launch 1 has been a great knife. As my title suggests, this guy is one snappy MOFO. It flys out of there, and will fly out of your hand if your not griping it good. As for the other traits, the knife has amazing amount of belly. As such she will slice through just about anything. CPM 154 seems to be good thus far, I've only had to hone it a bit. I wish I had actually got a colored variant, but this is still a good looking knife. The stonewash blade really hides scratches well. If I had any negative thing to say it would have to be the clip. It does not give this a very deep carry.
A great first auto!
James S.
Purchased back in 2016 and rocked it as my EDC most days since. Great design, easy to carry, not too heavy. Certainly worth the money.
Aaron S.
Feels good in the hand. Looks great. No doubt a high quality knife and feels Rock solid. Plus it's made in the USA. Also I love the little American flag on the handle. Great job Kershaw. No blade play either
It's become my EDC folder
Jeff M.
Having carried a variety of folders for the past 24+ years, most issued on active duty, I have gravitated to this model for a few reasons. How easy it is to carry. Not bulky - somewhat slim for an automatic. Doesn't tear my pants up. Rides deep enough. Pocket clip is very retentive. Comes razor sharp from the factory. Blade pops out with a purpose - strong deployment. The blackwash finish hides almost all wear on the blade. Anodizing of the handles has been very resilient through everyday pocket carry and use. I'm impressed with this knife enough that I'll probably end up ordering another just so I can rotate it through sharpenings. And they kept it in the US. Job well done, Kershaw. 👍🇺🇸👍
My new favorite knife!!!
Micah M.
Absolutely love this automatic knife, it has blown all of my expectations away.

After doing some research before I purchased this knife, I found that many people were having problems with the lockup. I have not had a single problem with the lockup, or had any other issues.

Awesome knife for the price, great quality, highly recommend.
A high quality knife
Dylan D.
Awesome automatic knife! Great action and extremely sharp straight from the factory. My only complaint is the grip, but other than that another great knife from Kershaw. I highly recommend this knife.
Best knife I own
Tim A.
Aluminum is wearing a little giving it distressed look I love. Steal holds up great. Needs a new edge about once or twice a year. Opening this auto makes me smile every time. Only criticism is the pocket clip could be a little deeper carry would be nice.
Kershaw Quality
Robert M.
I’ve just received the latest addition to my Kershaw collection, a Launch 1 Automatic Knife Black Aluminum (3.4" Blackwash). First off, as I would expect from Kershaw, the overall quality is superb. Each component is nicely made with all rough edges removed. The surface finish of the blade and handle compliments the overall quality. No need to improve the blade edge because it is sharp right out of the box, as my index finger will attest. I truly like the smoothness of the design. Even when closed the lines of the handle and blade are aligned demonstrating its impressive design and assembly. The blade firing action is smooth and purposeful without being overpowering. The firing button stands a little proud of flush, but not to the point of concern. The 3.95 oz weight is well balanced giving the feel of a much lighter knife. The handle fills your hand yet is so thin it is easily manipulated with finger tips. The one disappointment is the pocket clip. It is quite functional but has a spring board twang to it. Kershaw spoiled me with the full bodied clip they placed on the ‘Clash’ assisted opening, you owe it to yourself to check that out. Overall the Launch 1 is a fine addition to my Kershaw collection (#8). The price is a bit steep, but you are getting fine ‘Made in America’ quality in which the embossed American flag on the handle stands in testimony.
Great Knife for the Money
Trev W.
This is a great knife for the money. I really like the blackwash finish and the CPM154 steel. This is my first Kershaw auto. I already have a collection of Protech autos. This one is similar in size and shape to a Protech Rockeye, but about half the price. When you compare the two side by side you can see that the Protech is slightly better made, but not 2x the price better. This one makes me think my Protech knives were over priced. I hope Kershaw comes out with more autos. I don't really like the looks of the other knifes in the Launch series.
Pretty nice
beau b.
This is my first auto knife and my third Kershaw and this knife embodies what I like about Kershaw.. solid knife, nice looking and reasonably priced. Opens up fast and locks up tight. I like the blade shape, weight of the knife, etc.

I was going to go with a Protech "Don" because I wanted a cool switchblade. These have been illegal (to carry, not to own) in my state for the general public until November of last year. I have wanted a switchblade since I was 12 or so and read "The Outsiders" the first time; thus the desire to get an Italian Stiletto inspired blade. In the end I decided on something more practical and useful than that design and the price difference cinched it for me. Maybe later for the Protech though, still want one!

Enough rambling though. I have really enjoyed this knife so far and feel it was a good choice either as an intro to autos or as my only auto. Only con to me is the scales, I haven't ever owned a knife that had aluminum scales and they aren't very grippy. Not bad though, I can live with it for sure.

BladeHQ shipped fast! Appreciate that.
Well Built & Reasonably Priced
Ramon N.
The Launch 1 is my first venture into auto knives. I have owned many high quality knives but never found an auto that fit my pragmatic and utilitarian methodology...until now. The Launch 1 is well built, has excellent fit and finish, and is the right size and shape for everyday use, all at the right price!! The CPM154 blade is an excellent steel choice and the ergonomics are superb for extended use. I would classify this as an excellent EDC+ knife. For comparison sake I normally carry a CRKT Ripple Frame Lock when wearing dress clothes, Spyderco Endura/Delica when working around the house, or Kershaw Knockout when out and about in jeans. The Launch 1 and the Knockout are almost the exact same size. The blade on the Launch is maybe just 3/16 longer. The spring is strong and the plunge lock is solid. Love the large belly blade and the blackwash finish is very well done.
kershaw launch 1
john c.
I have about 60 Kershaw's, 30 Sogs and many more, but I really love my Kershaw launch 1. It's a great knife for the money hope they make another line of automatics.
Kershaw will see more of my money !
Scott K.
This is my first Auto by Kershaw, the Launch 1, and I just love it for the quality, tight yet smooth operation, obviously sharp, and very unique & cool appearance!

I collect and love knives just for me, have dozens to play with, but I'll tell you this is a great representation of USA Quality, and Value.
Highly recommended for a thin, light pocket knife.

Replacing My Breakout
Mike D.
A long time ago, I bought a Kershaw Breakout just before Kershaw stopped producing auto knives. The Kershaw Launch 3 is an awesome reintroduction into the auto knife market by Kershaw.

Pros: This knife kicks like a mule when you hit that little red button. The detail on back spine looks awesome and DAMN I love that little American flag right by the pivot screw! 'MERICA!

Cons: the handles are slippery, so dont let just anyone start screwing around with your launch unless you want to see if the CPM154 can withstand an impact with the floor. Also my "personal opinion" is that the blade edge sweeps up a little too drastically so it's hard to make an accurate stop point when opening boxes, or envelopes.

If I lost this knife tomorrow, I would buy a new one and jab myself in the arm with it for being dumb enough to lose the first one.
Quality goods and made in the USA!
Ray S.
The Launch 1 is my 6th Kershaw knife and my third Kershaw automatic. I like the look, the feel and the very positive spring and lockup. The broad sturdy blade was razor sharp right out of the box and I'm sure it will stay that way for awhile so I haven't even thought about honing it yet.

My intended use for the Launch 1 will be for general use and daily carry as well as a backup hunting/skinning knife.

My experience with all of my Kershaw blades has been a very good one. It keeps me coming back often to look at their current offerings. IMHO, you get a lot of bang for your bucks from Kershaw and you just cannot have too many great knives!

"Life's too short for dull blades, bad wine, cheap whiskey or weak coffee!"RS

Kershaw Launch 1...A Bit Of A Disappointment.
Justin P.
I just received this knife and I have to be was a disappointment. After seeing all the reviews about the ergos and the rock solid lockup, I was really excited to finally get to purchase one to add to my automatic collection. Unfortunately, after receiving it, I have found it has the typical up and down play that a lot of automatics have. Plus, there are hot spots from the handle and wasn't really very comfortable in my hand. Sad to say, I will be returning it to BHQ for an exchange on something better. I would like to point out that BHQ always has the best customer service and this experience hasn't swayed my overall excellent opinion of them in the slightest.
American made.
John F.
This knife is pretty awesome. It comes super sharp and is light and slim. It's not what I would call a hard use knife like the rogue, which was built like a tank. But it's still a great product. I bought this blade for work and have been impressed with it so far. It's a great knife for less than $100 get one you'll love it.
Maybe My New Favorite
Thomas W.
I have only been collecting knives for about 6 months but I now have 11 knives. I have done a lot of reading and made some "educated guesses". I have sort of leaned toward middle of the line production knives. I have 5 automatics and although I like them all, some seem better than others. This Kershaw Launch 1 is one of the best. When you open the box and take it out, you look at it and think 'very nice'. When you take it in your hand and push the red open button, it snaps open so hard that it will make you smile. When open there is no side play at all. This is a great knife and I am very glad I got it. Great job Kershaw.
Great bang for the buck
john k.
Kershaw introduced great product witht this knife. Build quality is excellent and blade is razor sharp from factory. 154cm gives knife good steel as a base to operate. Deployment is fast and strong; better hang on tight.
Microtech LUDT replacement
John F.
Best auto by Kershaw yet. Protech should take a hint and either up their quality or drop their prices.

What the LUDT used to be for a lot less.
Near perfect
Richard R.
Love the knife, and super fast shipping on bladehq's part. Opens hard, very good craftsmanship. The button could be a little smoother when deploying, but other than that near perfect
Well Done Kershaw
michael h.
The knife is near perfect. Pocket clip needs a bit of work but that is very minor. Wicked fast so please hang onto knife. Beautiful fit and finish. Great blade shape and I'm in love. Maybe best of my 30+ Kershaw owned knives.
Best from Kershaw yet!
Robert M.
The fit, finish and blade deployment is excellent for an auto under $100. This knife is as good or better than knives selling for much much more. This knife is priced right to be one of Kershaw's best all time selling knife series.
An excellent all use knife.
Andrei J.
I purchased this knife due to it's large blade, it can be used for everyday tasks including food preparation.

The knife came beautiful anodized, with a smooth stonewashed blade. The factory edge is satisfactory however nothing to get excited about. The blade is centered and the automatic spring kicks with force.

Overall for the price I believe it to be a great package. 5/5