Kwik Thumb Bar Polished Brass Tab (Fits Blades up to 1/8" Thick - Buck 110)

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  • Brand:Kwik
  • Country of Origin:USA
  • Weight:0.80 oz.
  • Product Type:Knife Accessory


This hand polished bright brass thumb bar attaches to your knife in seconds with the included screw and hex wrench.

-Made in USA
-Hand Polished Bright Brass
-Two set screws hold Kwik Thumb Bar firmly to blade
-5/8" Long x .25" Wide x .20" Tall
-Fits up to 1/8" thick blade
-Includes Hex Wrench


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Will continue with two-hand opening
Frank B.
I ordered both versions of these thumb studs--the round shape and the rectangular. Both were well-manufactured, and both were advertised as compatible with the Buck 110 knife. They nicely compliment the brass bolsters on the knife. I thought that these brass openers would allow me an easier, one-handed method for opening the knife.

It turned out that neither of these worked that well on my Buck 110, although they might be ideal additions to other knife models whose blades can fit securely into the maximum of 0.125 inch slot.

This is because my Buck 110 has a fairly stiff blade locking spring. It works fine with a two-handed opening method, locking up tightly. These aftermarket thumb studs need to be attached closer to the pivot than the nail nick. This shorter distance increases the amount of effort required to open the blade to the point that I canít do so quickly or smoothly.

Also, these studs are held in place by set screws that use friction to clamp onto the blade. If under such opening stress these studs came loose, the blade could snap downward with considerable force, putting ones fingers at risk.

If my Buck 110 smooths out even more, I will consider re-installing one of these studs. But for now, I will continue opening that knife by using two hands.