Living Off the Grid by Dave Black (Paperback)

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  • Publisher:Skyhorse
  • Publication Date:2008
  • Subject:Survival
  • Pages:280
  • Product Type:Book


As energy costs soar and we strain our planet's resources, there's a comfort in knowing that a more self-sufficient, sustainable approach to living is possible. We don't have to rely on the industrial grid for essential services. Alternatives to standard shelter, energy, and water supplies can change the way we live and reduce the damage we do to our environment. The right decisions in architecture and construction can drastically reduce power consumption. Biodiesel and alternative fuels can help temper our petro-dependencies. A solar heated water system can save money. Composting can reduce the amount of waste we create. Moving beyond a leave-it-all-behind approach. Dave Black offers as gamut of alternatives for modern living- ways to make life more efficient, economical, Earth-friendly, and ultimately more satisfying- in this guide, Living off the Grid. The concepts presented here can save you money and help you be a better citizen of the planet.

Dave Black is an internationally recognized consultant in emergency planning and disaster response. With nearly 20 years of experience in search and rescue and as a wilderness and urban first responder, he has served as consultant and architect of community disaster response and management systems both here and abroad.


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