Microtech Ultratech D/E OTF Automatic Knife Black (3.4" Black) 122-1T


  • Premium steel, double-edged dagger blade with a black finish and plain edges.
  • Thumb slide opener for double-action automatic firing.
  • Contoured black anodized aluminum handle.
  • Tip-down pocket clip with a glassbreaker.


This Microtech Ultratech features a double-edged dagger blade with a black finish and plain cutting edges. It has a contoured, black anodized 6061-T6 aluminum handle with a black finished pocket clip, glass breaker, and stainless steel hardware.

Microtech equipped this version of the ever popular Ultratech D/A OTF knife with a smooth, contoured handle design that promotes increased comfort during use. This updated model provides the same dimensions, hardware, and durability offered by the "Tri-Grip" variation, but goes easier on the hands and pockets.

For those unfamiliar with the Ultratech, it's a fully automatic knife with a double-action out-the-front mechanism, meaning the thumb slide deploys the blade and retracts it as well. The Ultratech knife from Microtech has set the bar for all OTF knives.

Check out our Microtech Ultratech Review to see what makes this the King of OTF!

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  • Overall Length: 8.50"
  • Blade Length: 3.44"
  • Cutting Edge: 3.125"
  • Blade Thickness: 0.13"
  • Blade Material: Premium Steel
  • Blade Style: Dagger
  • Blade Grind: Flat
  • Finish: Black
  • Edge Type: Plain
  • Handle Length: 4.625"
  • Handle Thickness: 0.47"
  • Handle Material: Aluminum
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 3.60oz.
  • User: Right Hand
  • Pocket Clip: Tip-Down
  • Knife Type: Double-Action OTF Automatic
  • Opener: Thumb Slide
  • Brand: Microtech
  • Model: Ultratech
  • Model Number: 122-1T
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Best Use: Everyday Carry
  • Closed Length: 5.06"
  • Product Type: Knife

Customer Reviews

First OTF, honest review
Leo H. on Apr 2, 2021

I still love and carry my Benchmade AO folder, but I have had my eye on DA/OTFs for a year or two now. Microtech was a brand that kept popping up, and after going back and forth on the idea I finally sold myself on getting an Ultratech. First impression: The knife looks and feels like a quality product, because it is. The blade action is snappy and quick, both in deployment and withdrawal. The ergonomic handle fits nicely in the hand, is just grippy enough to provide a sturdy hold but not so grippy that it wears on your palm or is too difficult to get in and out of your pocket. That being said, the thumb slide on this knife was brutally stiff to operate at first, and I initially second-guessed my purchase. My unaccustomed thumbs were punished as opening and closing this knife proved to be a challenge, especially with one hand. The good news is IT WILL GET EASIER OVER TIME. You pay twice for this knife - once with your money, and again with your patience. Just try to use it often before you resort to oiling or disassembling it (which voids the warranty.) Plus, there is no safety lock on this knife, so the action requiring a good amount of force to trigger in either direction is a GOOD thing. And if you are worried about impaling your own leg on accident, there is a derailing system that will stop the blade action if it pushes against something before fully deploying. As for the dagger-style blade, it's not as versatile as your standard drop point since you can't press your thumb against it. You can certainly still get good usage out of it, but let's be honest - it's more of a self-defense tool than anything. That being said, it's a blast to show off, fidget with, and use for generic daily knife stuff (just with more caution than a single-edged blade.) And let me tell you, it is VERY sharp out of the box. With all of this being said, if you're looking to EDC an OTF for a wider variety of tasks, I'd go with the base model drop point. If you're looking for a nasty, quick-to-deploy defensive blade as your second pocket companion, I'd carry this alongside your trusty folder - which is exactly what I do. Hope this was helpful, it's an awesome knife. Cheers.

Awesome OTF - One of the best!
Zach F. on Nov 9, 2018

This is my 4th Microtech OTF. It feels great in your hand, and you can barely tell you’re wearing it when it’s clipped onto your pocket. The double action is strong and smooth. The blade is razor sharp like all my other Microtechs. The Ultratech is the perfect size and is really convenient to deploy the second you need it. As with all my other Microtechs, I couldn’t be happier. You won’t be dissapointed. I’m a Microtech customer for life.

Microtech OTF D/E
Paul Z. on Sep 10, 2018

I needed to retire my old Benchmade auto stryker and had my heart set on the Microtech OTF Ultratech. This knife is fantastic! The blade is razor sharp and the knife has a good balance to it. Crisp action that gets smoother the more you use it. The craftsmanship is outstanding and quality is top notch. One bad ass knife!

First Microtech OTF
Jerry L. on Sep 8, 2018

I finely bought a Microtech D/E ultratech feels great in my hand balance weight finish are great. I have been making knives for 30 years and I collect all kinds of knives Microtech knives will fit in with my other auto's just fine. Thank you Blade HQ

Ive been hunting this beauty for months
Russ G. on Jan 21, 2018

Throughout 2017 and now into 2018, Microtech's production has been sporadic, at best. It's either a sign that they need rethink their manufacturing process, or it's a genius marketing strategy. Maybe both. Regardless of how intentional it's been, the upshot of the paucity of Ultratech (and UTX-85/75, and Cypher, and Troodon, though not as much) models has been to turn serious Mtech collectors and even just the poor, simple fans like me into crazed, LOTR Gollum-like creatures, skulking around websites, rudely interrogating BladeHQ employees, and forever prowling, $ in hand, hoping that that one variety we MUST HAVE will be in the next tiny shipment which trickles in. The D/E Tactical CC--this knife--was that knife for me, and I dont have to tell you its amazing--that would be redundant because its an Ultratech double-edged dagger, made from M390 steel, and coated in black. I will say that the pics dont do the black hardware justice--it really looks amazing. And all it took to get was a few hundred $, months and months of effort, repeated frustration, and pieces of my sanity. Totally worth it. Its probably my imagination, but somehow even the action feels better on the tac-black models.

Sick knife.
Frank G. on Nov 17, 2016

I really love the new contour chassis design. It's a great step in the right direction. I feel that Ultratech's are like a Glock pistol. At first they seem strange and ugly, then it grows on you mostly due to how well and flawless the performance, then you learn to love and trust them. Worth every penny, it goes everywhere with me.

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