Official Microtech 3 Pin Wrench Tool Set Tri-Wing (Flat)

This is a set of three tri-wing wrenches (small, medium and large) manufactured by and designed to fit some Microtech knives with the three hole screws.

Please Note: This set includes the medium bit to fit the "flat" tri wing screws.

The bits and handle are all steel. These will fit most any screwdriver with interchangeable heads. The bit heads are held in place with a magnet and the two lose bits fit neatly into the tool's handle.

These wrenches are sold only as tool to adjust your screws. Disassembly of your knife will void your warranty. We know some of you will be unable to resist though... If you find the screws are tight don't try to force them or you could shear the wrench teeth. Heat up the screw to loosen any loc-tite that is present.

Remember: These fit the flat tri-hole screws. Some Microtech knives have torx screws and other have the "domed" tri-wing screws, so if you have any questions just send us an email!

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  • Brand: Microtech
  • Product Type: Tool

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