SAS Mountain and Arctic Survival Guide by Barry Davies (Paperback)

SAS Mountain and Arctic Survival provides details on what to do immediately after you arctic or mountain survival situation has arisen. You will learn how to prepare a shelter, especially on a barren landscape. You will learn how to make a fire in the wold and wind, as well as how to find and cook food. This guide provides detailed instructions on navigation, how and when to travel, and how to prepare signal fires that will help speed up your rescue.

Drawing on practical, firsthand knowledge, the entries are arranged in order of survival priority, with photographs, cutaway drawings, and diagrams. Specially designed to fit in a backpack or packet, this book is the essential companion for any desert adventure. I just might save your life.

Barry Davies spent eighteen years in the British Special Air Service, serving around the globe. He participated in the storming of the hijacked Lufthansa plane at Mogadishu in 1977 and was awarded the British Empire Medal. He is also the author of The SAS Self-Defense Handbook.

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  • Publisher: Skyhorse
  • Pages: 160
  • Subject: Survival
  • Product Type: Book

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