Surefire Premium Lithium C123A Batteries for High-Drain Devices Twelve Pack (12)

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Item #BHQ-9639


  • Brand:Surefire
  • Product Type:Battery


This is a popular battery that is found in cameras, photo equipment, medical equipment, tactical flashlights and home security systems. Contains twelve (12) 123A batteries.


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A Good Deal
Brent B.
My wife and I have horses, and we stir about in the darkness for morning feedings. We also walk our dogs at night before bedtime, and we need good flashlights. We have tried a bunch of them, but I keep coming back to my SureFire lights because all of the others have developed problems of some sort, while the SureFires just keep on truckin'. The only real problem is the SureFires need these batteries, and they go through them pretty fast. These C123A Lithium batteries are getting hard to find, and they tend to be expensive. Blade HQ has the best price I have found. These are good batteries, and if you have a light that uses them, this is the place to get them... and they really are cheaper by the dozen.