Surefire V70 Polymer Speed Flashlight Holster

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  • Brand:Surefire
  • Product Type:Flashlight Accessory


The patented V70 Speed Flashlight Holster allows the user to quickly access the flashlight from either a bezel-up or bezel-down position*. Rigid polymer construction protects your light from impact while ensuring an "open mouth" for fumble-free re-holstering. An adjustable spacer allows the molded-in belt slot to be fitted to belts up to 2.25" wide.

*NOTE: The M2 CombatLight fits tailcap down only in the V70. Flashlights equipped with Z49 accessory tailcap fit bezel-down only in the V70.

Fits: G2D-FYL, G3D-FYL, G2-LED, G2L-FYL, 6PL-BK, 6PDL-BK, G2, G2LF-FYL KIT02, 6PD-BK, G3L-FYL, G3L-BK, G2ZL, G2Z-BK-NR, G3-BK, Z2L-BK, 6P, 9P-BK, Z2-S-BK-WH, C2L-HA, G2Z, C3, G2ZX-A-BK, Z2X-A-BK, S2-BK-WH, G2X-A-BK, G2X-B-BK, 6PX-A-BK, AZ2-BK-WH, AZ2-S-BK-WH, C2, 6PX-B-BK, Z2-BK

  • Rugged polymer construction
  • Allows rapid draw and re-holster
  • Adjustable for varying belt sizes
  • Retains shape

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