Survival Metrics Survival Tape Pak (Tactical Green)

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  • Brand:Survival Metrics
  • Product Type:Survival
  • Country of Origin:USA
  • Weight:0.20 oz.


  • Brand:Survival Metrics
  • Product Type:Survival
  • Country of Origin:USA
  • Weight:0.20 oz.


The Survival Tape Pak from Survival Metrics is a high-performance tape system for outdoor and urban use- made to military specifications and currently used by military forces around the world. Survival Tape has two components that enable a wider variety of survival tasks to be accomplished and under more difficult situations - more useful than your standard duct tape.


Color: Tactical Green
(2) 100 MPH Tape (2" x 4')
Mil-Spec hollow polytube core fabric matrix tape. This tape is known throughout military circles as the best tape to use for wide variety of tasks.
How is this tape better than standard duct tape?
- Better adheres to objects that vibrate, pull, or twist.
- Better re-application.
- Stronger: Built upon connected woven matrix with high thread count.
- Its top finish enables better wrapping on itself than duct tape.
- Adhesive is more stable over time than duct tape, and comes off cleaner.
- More flexible fabric: conforms around rough surfaces much better than standard duct tape, due to its more flexible fabric that puts more adhesive in contact with the surface.
- Two layers of protection, unlike standard duct tape: The top layer, and the opaque layer in the adhesive. This enables it to better hold through sunlight, heat, cold, snow, and rain.
(1) Silicone Self-Fusing Tape (1" x 5')
When stretched and wrapped on any surface, it bonds instantly and forms a watertight, airtight seal, even when applied underwater or exposed to or submerged in solvents.
- Clean, Self-Fusing and Permanent
- Repairs Leaks Under Pressure , Under Water
- Controls an unbelievable 700 PSI
- Seals Air and Water Tight in Seconds
- Each Layer Insulated to 8000 Volts
- Tolerates 500 degree F Temperatures
- Flexibility Maintained to -85 degree F
- Works on Dirty, Greasy and Wet Surfaces

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