Survival Retreats by Dave Black (Paperback)

Creating an island of refuge in a Sea of Mayhem.

Normally, retreats are built to blend into their surroundings for the sake of secrecy, and are built by those who don't want others to know anything about their retreat. In Survival Retreats, Dave Black explores those places and gets to go where most people will never go- through the chain link fence, past the guard dog, and in the rarely seen survival retreat. You will learn ho to:

  • Protect and defend you retreat
  • Build in the right location
  • Live safely in your retreat
  • Harvest food and water
  • Plan and perfect survival strategy
  • Dave Black goes into detail to teach you everything that you ever needed to know about survival retreats. Not only will you learn how to protect them, but you will learn how and where to build them, and most importantly, what to do after you've fortified. There's a lot to know and with this book you'll be prepared for the inevitable apocalypse...

    Dave Black is an internationally recognized consultant in emergency planning and disaster response. With nearly twenty years of experience in search and rescue and as a wilderness and urban first responder, he has served as a consultant and architect of community disaster response and management systems both here and abroad.

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    • Country of Origin: USA
    • Pages: 170
    • Product Type: Book

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